Is the whole wide world talkin' about me?
The way it is

One ringy-dingy...

Oh, isn't Lily Tomlin just one of the treasures in this world?  I was going to link to an Ernstine clip on YouTube, but there's so much more... and the next thing you know, I've laughed and watched my way through Cher and Carol Burnett, too.

There's nothing obvious physically that's causing the tinnitis, and I've a referral to the Ear Nose and Throat guys.  I wasn't able to see my regular doctor -- and I sure wish I could have seen my preferred doctor, the one I'd had for years before insurance dictated otherwise.  Grr.  My relationship with physicians has mostly been by association with my kids, who were not frequent visitors, so it's not easy.  And I'll tell ya, even though it's ringing and not voices, it feels weird to talk to someone (especially a strainger) about hearing things.  It's possible that I'm beginning to lose my hearing in the upper ranges or something, the ENTs can check that out more thoroughly.  I'm kind of up in the air about it and haven't made an appointment yet.  If they're going to tell me that I'll just have to get used to the tinnitis -- there's no cause or cure -- basically like the doc and most of you did yesterday...

I think I'm going to try and make some changes in my diet, be more consistent in taking vitamins, maybe get a massage...


...and try to relax.  Happy weekend.



Somewhat off topic. I have XM radio in the new car & ThePrincess & I have become rather enamored with the comedy channels; I am just realizing that we haven't been lucky enough to catch any Lilly Tomlin yet & now I wonder why. HRM.
Have a good weekend.


Definitely get the massage! That should make everything feel better.


And it was Lily Tomlin who said, "Just remember, we're all in this alone."

Hope you're feeling better.


And it was Lily Tomlin who said, "Just remember, we're all in this alone."

Hope you're feeling better.


It's probably nothing, but best to get it checked out, so you don't worry about it any more. That said, I've had tinitis for YEARS. I rarely notice it, but am hearing the ringing loud and clear now that you've brought the issue up. Gee thanks, Vicki!


Oh, as I was driving home today, I was wondering how your ears were doing. Damnit.

Teresa C

Get the massage, and think about the chiropractor. I cannot tell you how much relief I got after years of LOUD ringing. One day? Nothing. It was so weird, I'd gotten used to the ringing and not having it there was wonderfully weird.


Jeeze, we went to the moon and carry hours worth of books and music right in our email gettin' cell phones, but they can't stop ringing in the ears. I think the techie people need to focus on health. I am glad, however, that there's nothing serious and scary going on. mmmmm, Massaaaaaage


Relaxation can only do you some good. Stress exacerbates the problem. Take care of yourself Vicki and enjoy the weekend.


OOh, a great barn photo, I was just talking aout those.
Does this mean you went to too many rock concerts as a young'un?


Oh, definitely get a massage! I had a hearing test a few years back because it seemed that I wasn't hearing as well as I thought I should. Test results? Fine. But why I asked, can I not hear when dh or ds talk to me quietly with their heads turned away when I'm standing over a sink with the water running and the noisy old washer nearby going like gangbusters. Focus he said, as we age (I just turned 47) we lose the ability to process sounds so quickly. Hope the tinnitus goes away for you.


White noise can help with the ringing, too. Not a cure, but at least it helps a little for some reason.

I tend to have tinnitus, and a lot of times it was so loud that it would keep me awake at night. Static on the radio is at least worth a shot, if you don't have a sound machine!


I had tinnitus for a couple of years. I really noticed it more at night when all was quiet. Sounded like the ocean roaring in my head. Come to find out it was a side effect of a medication I was taking. Changed medication, no more tinnitus.

kathy b

That massage sounds like the best idea to me.


so sorry to hear that they don't know why you have tinnitus - but part is also relieved, since maybe it means it will go away as mysteriously as it arrived.
In the meantime, it certainly is a bummer that you totally do not deserve!. So sorry 'bout it.


MAKE the appt. SEE the ENT. Don't assume they will tell you there's nothing to be done about it.

I'm a doctor! ; )

I assume you don't take aspirin regularly, though usually baby aspirin doses won't do it. But there are a couple conditions that can cause ringing that one wouldn't want to miss. And, yes, sometimes it will just go away or get better mysteriously. Happened to my husband recently. But please make the appt, get the testing done.

AND have a massage and a relaxing weekend! Looks like it's going to be gorgeous! I work this morning, but hopefully just this morning.

I'll be over in Neenah at the end of the month! See you???


I have had a twitchy eye since October!! My mom uses dramamine to sleep as she has the ringing as well.


Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing congrats!

As for the ears. . . have you tried slow-release Niacin? I had a bit of rining in my ears several years ago and my cousin (an ENT doc) suggested I try the niacin and it really helped. Be forewarned, though, because it dilates your capillaries, you get hot flashes!


Just read this article:

Mary Kay

Vicki...have your thyroid checked. That is what caused my tinnitus. Along with twitching eyelid and numb left hand. It is a simple blood test.

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