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Not-quite-wordless Wednesday


How about a photo -- my hair -- this is while killing time at Starbucks yesterday afternoon.  It may not look like a big difference to you, but it most definitely is to me.  The hair strategically swooping above (and sometimes into) one eye is not quite long enough to tuck behind my ear and that's the closest I've been to bangs in about 15 years or so.  I'm trying not to let it drive me nuts.  The above-the-shoulder length is huge -- I think there was about 2-1/2 to 3 inches cut off, plus a LOT of thinning.  I really do love it.

But enough about me.

Twenty-one years ago today -- right about this minute -- I was in the labor room, still popping Tums by the handful, preparing to hoist myself into the birthing chair from which I birthed Ali -- my second-born, second daughter, and second redhead.  It was a glorious day -- much like today, though not nearly as windy.  DH and I called Ali this morning to sing Happy Birthday!



I love your new haircut! And happy birthday to Ali. I hope you have wonderful memories today.


I love the hair, and the photo treatment too! Happy Birthday to Ali - and Happy birthing day to you. What a proud and awesome mom you are!


Good do! Put a little more poof in the poof and it won't bother you so much.
Happy Birthday/birthing day to you and Ali!!


I like the cut. I just got mine cut shorter than it's been in many years. I think I'm showing more gray now, but that's okay, at least it's a change. I'm not so good at self photos, but I may have some knitted item to show off soon, so maybe there will be a siting yet. And Happy birthday Ali. Another one legal, eh?


Happy Birthday Ali!

Dude - my hair's longer than yours!
looks great!


Excellent cut! Now remember, you have to keep it up! That's the thing that going from longer hair to short hair, people seem to forget.

Happy Birthday, Ali!!!


A big legal in every state Happy Birthday to Ali!!!!


Happy Birthday Ali!


Happy Birthday Ali! My baby just turned 17...that time FLIES right by!!!!


Great new hairstyle, Vicki! You look great.

Happy Birthday, Ali.


It looks great! Nice choice. :)

kathy b


THe new cut is flattering and looks easy to care for at the same time! Will check out the author you mentioned in your post today.


I can see a significant difference....and you can always grow and change it if you really want to! Happy Birthday, Ali, and congrats to mama.


Nice hair cut. You'll get used to the bangs.

Happy belated birthday to Ali. Yesterday was my birthday, too.


Your hair looks great. I can't do the sweeping bangs thing. It drives me crazy if my hair slides down anywhere near my eyes. I'd be reaching for a bobby pin or hairband every time I was out of the public eye.

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