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My bloody green thumb

Bloodroot1 Bloodroot2


The right knee of my jeans got good and dirty during the annual shooting of the bloodroot in my garden yesterday.  They're growing all over, including in the path!  I let them do what they will.  They're amazing.  My mother has unsuccessfully tried to transplant bloodroot many times and is green with envy over my bloody green thumb.

Yesterday was the nicest day of the year so far, and I was lucky that it was also my day off.  I should have done a little work in the garden -- especially in front -- but oh well, there will be another day.  I washed, dried (on the line) and folded three loads of laundry, moved some furniture around, wasted a lot of time at lunch, did a teensy tiny bit of cleaning, and also a little cleaning out!  Good enough.

The sections of the log cabin blanket are getting pretty long now.  I'm sure loving it.  There's a little tendonitis or something flaring up in my elbow, so I'm trying to take breaks and not over-do.  Class will cut into and limit knitting time tonight.  I have next week off, then only two more weeks 'til semester's end and Summer Vacation!!!



Garter stitch can be so hard on a knitter. LOVE the bloodroot! The flowers are so sweet...do the blooms last a long time?


I don't think I've seen those flowers before - they are beautiful.


Your bloodroot is beautiful! quite the green thumb - and photo work.


What an exquisite photograph! Coyrighted, is it? :)


Amazing photos Vicki!!


They are beautiful, did you know aka Sanguisorba canadensis (I like the bloody sound of its generic name). Maybe mom doesn't have the right kind of soil or trees or something?

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