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My first thought after stepping outside this morning was, "It smells like worms."  One of the morning DJs confirmed it when he said, "It smells like worms!"  I laughed (out loud, all alone, in the car).  And there are worms everywhere.  Takes me right back to school days... dodging worms on the sidewalk as I walked to school.  Does this happen in other parts of the country?  In other countries?  We had overnight thunderstorms -- woke me up a couple of times -- with lingering rain this morning, as well as pretty thick fog in places.  Never mind that the word "snow" was among those found in the 5-day forecast, "smelling worms" is a definite indication of spring.  I'm hopeful for a nice May... full of flowers.

I'm heading down to Madison tomorrow for an overnight visit.  Looking forward to visiting daughter, sisters, nephews.  On the down side, I'm missing the Spring Midwest Masters Seminar in Neenah this weekend and, worst of all, an opportunity to meet up with Cathy-Cate.  Someday.

Happy Weekend (YAY!!)!!



Yes! I remember huge worms after a rain on the sidewalk after school and the boys would pick them up and try to hit us with them. They scared me half to death. How could I forget that! Someone mentioned to me recently that we never actually see worms on sidewalks anymore. Why is that?
Rain is coming our way today and I fear the 'S' word is in the forecast as well but I am in firm denial of that (after I bring in more wood for the fire;)


We had a bit of everything yesterday (except the smell of worms). Winter is taking her sweet time in leaving. I too hope for a May full of flowers!


I don't know about smelling worms but I hope you have a great weekend!


I was verbally reprimanded for not doing a better job of dodging driveway worms by ThePrincess last night. Apparently, they have the right of way.

Have a good weekend :)


Yup. I know it is spring when I can smell the worms. There is a time each year when walking early in the morning that I discover that those aren't little sticks that have been scattered all over the sidewalk after the rain. It usually takes me a few miles before I realize I have been walking on worms. Then I walk carefully home the rest of the way. (In my defense it is really early - I am half asleep.)


I was driving home last night about 9:30 p.m. and the road was COVERED with worms. Yuck! I haven't been out yet today.


The worms weren't out this morning, probably because it was actively POURING/lightning/thundering again when I went to work, and any little sidewalk/driveway worms were being washed away. Looks like that storm is getting to you -- yep, right about NOW!

I'm ignoring the S word in the forecast. It's almost May, for heaven's sake.

And now the car will know the way to the west side of the state (it doesn't usually go there), so I'll just have to come back some time! The weather will be better anyway. No S word!


Yes! It happened at my high school in northern California every year. LOL The hallways between the classroom wings were covered, but open on the side, and each had its own lawn. When it rained hard the worms would all come out of the ground and "beach" themselves in the halls. It was pretty disgusting, especially by the end of the day. LOL


OK this is how I know we're really twin sisters! I said that exact thing last night to soon-to-be-blogger-Brenda when we left a party in the pouring rain - "Man, it sure smells like worms out tonight!"

Beth S.

I know just what you mean, and yep, it happens here too. But not recently, since we're having the most amazing stretch of warm, sunny spring days...


OMG - You just took me back to my childhood in Iowa with that comment about dodging worms on my way to school. I had completely forgotten about it. But I know that smell - earthy, musky, wormy.


I will be the first to admit that I have some odd ideas and odd senses, but I have never thought to myself 'it smells like worms'! I sometimes think things smell like mud or muck (earthy musky moist), is it the same? Mostly when I think of 'smell of worms' I think of small dead things that a previous dog loved to find and roll in, things that no human eye could see from 5 1/2 plus feet from the ground. Yet he'd find them, roll in them, and come back with a patch that reeked. A special sort of dead aroma...


Oh god, I hate the worm smell. That has been quite possibly my absolute favorite part of living in a city - no worm smells. (Can you tell the smell bothers me?) But yeah, my childhood was spent dodging worms, trying to keep the dog from eating them, and wishing the smell would go away.


Yes, our neighborhood smelled like worms this morning when I drove my daughter to school. Our neighborhood was full of them...not so much near school though. The worst part: my garage now smells like worms due to all the worm guts that are on my tires! Yuck!!


Definitely wormy here! My seven year old is a super-quick worm dodger! Hope you have fun in Mad-town!


I can only imagine what worms smell like?


It rained here (In Northern Ontario) last night and we had worms all over the place this morning. The robins were having a field day! I love when the rain does that.


Oh my. I had totally forgotten about the smell of worms. Your post evoked strong memories of that earthy, not so pleasant, difficult to describe smell. I wax poetic over the memories of thunderstorms, but NOT the morning after sidewalk debris.

I have experienced only three or four thunderstorms in Southern California over the last 28 years. I'm looking forward to real rain when we finally do get to relocate back to WI.

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