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One ringy-dingy...

Is the whole wide world talkin' about me?

You know how when you get a little ringing in your ear and you think (or say), "Oh!  Someone's talking about me!"  And then it goes away and you continue on with whatever you were doing and don't give it another thought?

It's not going away.  My ears keep ringing.  The whole freakin' world must be talking about me or someone's on a continuous loop or the record is skipping!  Heh, that's what we used to say back in the day.

All joking aside, it's starting to drive me nuts.  It's been an on and off thing over the past several weeks.  Mostly on, usually tolerable; maybe a slight increase from time-to-time, but then it would dissipate; sometimes I wouldn't "hear" it or notice it at all.  Last night, it got kind of loud.  I slept okay, even got up and went to the bathroom once (maybe even twice) and don't recall a problem.  It was there right away when I woke up, though, even before I got out of bed.  It hasn't gotten any better, nor any worse, but it's constant and it's piercing and it is definitely starting to drive me nuts.

So, I'm going to the doc this afternoon to have them check it out.

Meanwhile, my car was in the shop and I was home-bound yesterday.  It had been making a grinding, roaring sound; turns out it needed a new wheel bearing.  Seemed like a good time to finish and file the taxes.  A little YIPPEE, please, they are done!



Hope the doc has the key for fixing this problem. It must be really annoying!


I hope it's nothing. Mine have always rung - even when I was a kid. I thought that's what the phrase 'the silence was deafening' meant.


Are you thinking it might be Bret talking about his retirement hurt you deeply and maybe he should reconsider? The gossip mongers are going wild over this story..


It's called Tinnitus and as far as I know there is not yet a cure. I've had it since December of 1997. Just woke up with it one morning and it never went away! I was told at the time, "you'll get used to it" and I thought, "no way", but you do. It's still annoying. Maybe yours is something different...we'll hope for the best!


tell the dr. that I talk about you all the time.


At least your ears are not making the same noise as your car! Funny, I've been getting alot of emails from a place wondering if I have tinnitus. I should have forwarded them ;-) Seriously, hope you're OK.


Oy. If I got tinnitus, it would be the end of my CAREER. I shudder to imagine it.


I had a similar experience last year. My personal theory was that it was the result of a bad cold. I ended up adding more magnesium to my diet. I don't have the ringing now. Good luck with it.


Good luck with the tinnitus!

Some people get lucky and it goes away soon after it appeared. I hope you are one of them.


I hope the ringing is just a transitory thing. *yippee* that your taxes are done!


Taxes? You mentioned taxes?! Argh. Mine eyes are bleary from taxes.

Hope your ear ringing goes away.

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