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Dishcloths on ice

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When I look out my laundry/computer room window today, I have to look VERY hard for snow.  Oh, 'tis wonderful!  The sun is shining and it's warming up.  There is still a big pile of icy snow near the back door -- all the stuff that was shoveled off the porch roof.  It had one of the pergola planters completely buried at one point, but even that has emerged.  Last night, I took a stroll through the back yard and found tulip sprouts!

I think I've determined that I like to knit dishcloths in the springtime.  It's good transition knitting and it's colorful.  I'm about starved for some bright color outside!


Susan in N. GA

I do this, too. I also like to knit little face cloths out of crochet thread on size 1 needles. I call them "loofa" cloths, they are great. Love your blog.


I'm almost done with washcloth #3 out of 4. I like making them for my kiddos- they love the bright colors, I like trying new patterns, and the cotton yarn is so cheap that I can make a bunch of them. I might have to try the ball-band pattern for the next round of washcloths.

Spring is definitely starting to show around here!


Please send some of that warmth and sun this way!!


I think I mostly knit dish cloths in the summer but spring works, too.


Oh my gosh, I'm impatient enough for winter to be over here, and our tulips are well under way! Thank goodness for the gulf stream...


Spring at your fingertips! Very pretty!


Dishcloths are perfect knitting for transitions. Hurrah for tulips sprouting!


What sunny happy dishcloths! :)

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