Not-quite-wordless Wednesday

And there was dancing...

Prom corsage

There was a prom over the weekend -- Maddy's first.  She was beautiful, in a pale pink dress; her (very tall) date/friend wore a pink vest; they both wore pink flowers.  They were adorable.

It was a very busy weekend, with little photographic evidence except for the babies and the prom photos (taken in very poor lighting).  (I'm working on those.)

I got my hair cut on Saturday -- and by "cut," I mean CUT!  Picture soon, I promise -- I'm still getting used to it.  I think I love it, though.  The closest thing to bangs I've had in years, but not really bangs -- just a little wispier than usual (i.e., not long enough to tuck behind my ear!).



Oh prom! How fun! Can't wait to see the new do.


Her corsage is beautiful.


Can't wait to see your new do! The picture of Maddy's flowers is very nice!!


What a beautiful corsage. First prom, how special!


Did she have a magically, wonderful time??


I have zero experience with proms. Never went to one, and neither did my daughter. Maddy's sounds fabulous! I can't WAIT to see the new hair!!!


I also can't wait to see the new hair. I cut mine short a couple months ago. It does take a bit to relearn your self image, though since this is not my first time with short hair it didn't take too long. Hope it grows on you.


What a terrific photo! I am looking forward to seeing the new hair; just had mine shortened a bit and layered to lighten my load and shed old dyejobs.... spring must be in the air!


Really reminds us of how fast the time goes by, no?

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