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WIP Wednesday

Heh.  Wednesday -- my usual day off in a normal week of four 10s -- is nothing but work, work, work -- the type of work that "in progress" entails laundry detergent, checkbooks, dishrags, grocery stores, and other sundries and chores.  You know the type.

Today's included my first "annual" exam in three years.  I was pretty much in agreement with my nurse practitioner that I was, indeed, probably POST-menopausal, but I wanted the bloodwork done anyway.  I'm terrible at keeping track, but I know it's been two years since I started skipping, and it could be a year, more or less, since I had a period at all.  I know everyone is different, but that seems quick.  I never did have hot flashes during the day, and it's not often that I get hot at night anymore, either -- it almost always has to do with how many I share the bed with.

Okay then.  Given that tidbit of information, you may or may not be surprised to know that I've got the Clap, and I've got it good.

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Clapotis.  Do some people save all the dropping of stitches 'til the end?  I can't stand it!  I have dropped every available stitch the minute I've been able -- and it's true, what they say.  It's thrilling!


I have this beautiful new bag that coordinates nicely with my latest project!  It was made by my textile-artist friend Pat.  DH brought it home from the co-op gallery because of the lovely fabrics and colors -- he wanted me to photograph them and then he was going to take it back.  I fell in love with it, though; completely enchanted by the richness of the fabric, the gorgeous cording, the lovely gold-toned hardware in contrast with the... what do you call it, "deconstruction"?... of the... construction.  The reinforcement for the grommets are just layers of fabric scraps, trimmed but not finished; same for the pockets, inside and out, all neatly trimmed and certain to fray a bit at some point.  I just love it!  No surprise... I love Pat, too!



Am I the only one who a)is still not in or through or anywhere near menopause yet; and b) has not made any version of the "Clap"?


Love the new bag! I went through the 'pause' at 41. It's rather freeing, but the hot flashes could leave about now!


Love that bag! Your Clappy looks great! I drop right away! I knit faster so I can get to the drops ;-) I'm PM too! At 46, they just stopped. I didn't realize it until months later when it dawned on me (hey? when's the last time?) Get your bone scan! My doc sent me & found out I have severe osteopenia. Now I'm dancin' with Sally ;-)

Joan Hamer

I made one Clapotis in Aracania Nature Wool in charcoal. I'm thinking of making one in fingering yarn and adding width. I drop as soon as I can and it's one project that I kept at as opposed to just adding it to the queue. I love the bag too. I'm a sucker for neat bags!


Beautiful clapotis in progress, Vicki. Oh, that bag is gorgeous.


I loved my first clap. I get urges to do another from time to time and seeing yours definitely gives me that urge. Now I just have to choose a yarn to cast on with. :D


No clap her. LOL Love the colors that you chose for it and it does go great with the bag. You are such a fashionista.


Sounds like you made it through menopause without too much trouble. Good for you! Love your clap and that back is gorgeous.


Georgeous clap! I let 'em drop as soon as I can. The bag is just so perfect! :)


I'm the same as you with Clapotis. I dropped every stitch just as soon as I could. At first I'd said I'd wait until the end, but I didn't make it. I just had to do it!

I haven't been through the Big M yet, so I can't help you there!

Andrea (noricum)

Lovely bag! Your husband thought he could bring a bag home, photograph it, and take it back? That seems wrong...

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