Warming up!

There was just the dimmest of dim light in the eastern sky when I woke up this morning.  I've been enjoying the sunrise every day on my way to work, and I'll be happy to enjoy them all over again!  It's predicted that we'll be flirting with 40F by mid-week.  There's still very thick ice all around, so the warm, sunny weather is most welcome.

I encountered some of that dangerous ice while walking yesterday.  There was a very small window for clearing walkways one day when the sky spewed forth nearly every type of precipitation, and it turned to solid ice if no one was around.  There have also been shortages of salt, as well as conservation measures, so roadways are even worse.

Window shopping

I took the dog -- and my camera -- for a walk before supper last night. This Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera was in the window of an old hardware store downtown, along with some other items, and a sign stating that items in the window were for sale and with a name and phone number to call.  It was a strange collection of things, and all very dirty.  It humors me that they didn't even bother dusting anything off (the lens looks like milkglass!), so the broken bit of feather in the flash barely raised an eyebrow.  The building's owner died several months ago, following a long illnes.  The store has always been a curiosity, looking lost in time -- with the inventory to prove it -- for the entire time we've lived here.  Every spring, though, like clockwork, tomato and pepper seedlings in flats would appear in the windows.  Not this year.  The store is for sale.  It needs an amazing amount of work and will certainly be a money pot... or I'd be there.  It's relatively untouched -- which means that it hasn't been monkeyed with, but neither has some very important, basic and routine maintenance been done.  The things that make me long for it are the tin ceiling, the hardwood floor, the big glass windows in the entry, the beadboard, display cabinets all along the wall, and the twin storefronts.  I would guess there are at least two apartments upstairs, too.



It would be a shame to see it torn down to build something new, but you are surely right about the money pit.


That sort of thing always makes me kind of sad. It's like looking through antiques shops and wondering why someone didn't want/need those items any more, especially the old photos. A life lived, and things discarded.


i hope a cell phone provider doesn't end up in the space.


We had an old old hardware store in town that was a MESS but Nate, the owner, knew where everything was. Whatever it was, he had it and he could put his hands right on it. Then he died and now it's a gift shop - which is nice - but not the same at all.


Old Fashioned Hardware stores are gems indeed. Did you call on the camera? It looks hard to pass up, dust, feather & all....


Next post: What would you do with the space if time, money, whatever, were limitless?


What Margene said. (and all the others, come to think of it) A very thought-provoking post. That photo is absolutely precious. At first I thought you had bought it. Maybe you should! (the Brownie, not the store!)


Is it at the end of a block in downtown? I may be thinking of the right building. Oh, the history! Maybe the price would be right?


It would be great to have an old store front like that as a studio, complete with little apartment upstairs.

Minus the money pit aspect of course!


Your picture brought back memories. My mother had the same style of camera back in the mid-50's - I remember it well, and the big blue flashbulbs she had to buy! What modern technology she thought she had!

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