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Heel_toe_0011_edited1I completely forgot about last weekend's stash enhancement 'til I saw Deb's post yesterday.  Part of the reason I forgot is that it really wasn't much; the bigger reason is that "stash enhancement" is never, ever the goal of any trip.  It's fun to see new shops with my friends -- the shops they like -- to smell the wool, feel up all the silks and cashmeres, peruse the latest published patterns, but my biggest reason for any fiber-related trip -- near or far -- has so much more to do with people than fiber.

The fiber brings us together, it's other stuff that might keep us together as friends.  It doesn't happen all the time -- there are friends who are just "knitting friends," and that's great, but there are people I've met through knitting with whom I've made a much deeper connection.  I've been blessed.

Yeah, so anyway, back to the stash!  I finally laid hands on Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn!  I found it at Coldwater Collaborative.  This is color S164, lot A -- greens, browns, teal-y blues, and a little gray.  It's destined for something other than socks -- probably a scarf; I'm thinking along the lines of Argosy, but we'll see.

Dsc02241_2I was thrilled to find the "Suede 2-Piece Slipper Bottoms" by Fiber Trends at Needlework Unlimited.  These make me so happy!  My mother has darned my stepdad's Log Cabin Socks nearly to death and, while we talked of sewing on an entire suede sole (because that's all I thought we could do), I like this solution much better for this pair of slipper socks.

The Klever Kleenex Kozy by KMKat was nearly forgotten blog-wise, too -- only because it took up immediate and permanent residence in my bag where it brings a smile with every sniffle.  Thank you, Kathy!



You are so welcome!


The Kleenex Kozy is perfect. What a great idea. Hmmm.


Nice enhancing! Love the tissue bag. Noro sock yarn is perfect for something other than socks. ;-)


I had to go look at my own post to be sure (yes, at midnight it's easier to do that than to dig through the stash). I have the exact same color of Noro's sock yarn. :-) Hope the slipper soles work out. Love that tissue cover!


That cozy is just too adorable! Beautiful Noro. :)


The suede soles are such a great idea! I sewed a full suede sole on log cabins for my mother-in-law, but I didn't even know the two-piece ones existed.

Let us know how you like the Noro in a scarf? I've heard bad things about it in socks, sadly.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut

Oh I LOVE that Kleenex cozy. I really need to knit one.

Bookish Wendy

That is the cutest Cozy!! Tell her to give us a pattern, or instructions, or something. ;)

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