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Breaking up is hard to do


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In light of yesterday's news... they're calling it "Black Tuesday" around here... they're also saying that you'll always remember where you were when you heard that Brett Favre was retiring...

Well, my Special Swap "Spa" package could not have arrived at a better time.  Swap mama Lynne matched me up with Elizabeth this time around.  Funny thing is that I managed to get her package out on time (for a change), but neglected to include any of the really good goodies -- ya know, the sweets and treats -- so she is yet due a Package #2.

Meanwhile, my package included some treats for my feet, including two hanks of Araucania Yarns hand-dyed alpaca, Atacama for the Pedicure Socks found in Knitty.  How fun!!  There's also a ball of Skacel Meditation to make a cover for a rice/lavender-filled therapy "log" -- that's one of those things that I would probably never have purchased on my own, but I am very strongly attracted to and intrigued by that yarn and can't wait to knit it up!  It looks very soft and somehow soothing.  There's an opportune opening in my knitting queue and no doubt I'll be casting on tonight.

There's also a hank of Knit Picks Paint Your Own Lace Weight yarn.  It just so happens that I have a box full of "bare" sock yarn and Jacquard Acid Dyes awaiting time and inclination (mostly time)!  I have some definite ideas about what I want to do with the sock yarn, but the lace weight, well that just might be destined for free play.

The chocolate... well, the chocolate has been doing its job admirably.  Thank you, Elizabeth!!



Hmm - I remember having a conversation about something you were dying to dye just the other day on our walk. No better time than the "present".


Perfect therapy.


It's a great package, for sure. I swapped with Elizabeth in the last round and also received an excellent package from her.


I saw that about Brett yesterday, but I was tired and dazed. He's a good guy, but it IS time, yes? Great stuff you received!


Brett? Brett who? JUST KIDDING! ;) Eat some more chocolate ... you'll feel better.

Teresa C

I'm even sad about Mr. Favre. It is the end of an era. Pete is looking forward to the day he is elected to the hall of fame.


Nice swap gift, Vicki. I love that Elizabeth found yarn with the name "meditation." Perfect!

Melissa V.O.

Hang in there. My husband and I agreed there were going to be a lot of people jumping off bridged in Wisconsin. He added that luckily, the bridges in WI are pretty darn small.

Special Needs Mama

Oh yes, I absolutely thought of you (and Compost Happens) when I heard the news. So sorry.


I was a bit saddened by Brett's retirement as well. He was a rival, but a good one. I'm glad he went out after such a good season, though, instead of pushing for one more year and having it be a crappy one.

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