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Lynne sent out a fun questionnaire for the Sweet Treats Special Swap.  (The photo is from the ABC-Along 2006:  T is for Temptation.)

T is for Tempted

1. What were your three favorite treats in your Halloween bag?  Chocolate (in any form or fraction), Smartees, SweeTarts.

2. What were the three treats that you would trade away?  Individual hard candies, lollipops, Dots.

3. Do you bake?  A little (cookies, cake, cheesecake... DH does the pies.)

4. Do you order dessert in a restaurant?  If so, what is your favorite dessert?  Sometimes... it depends... I like carrot cake, some pies, anything super-good chocolaty.

5. Tell me about your favorite Candy-colored yarns, and what candy are they inspired from?  I'm knitting with some STR in a colorway called "Sherbet" -- that's sweet like candy, right?  One of my favorite sweaters was knit in a Rowan colorway called "Truffle."  I think they meant the mushroom, but I think chocolate...

6. When you knit a special "icing on the cake" accessory  for your outfit, would you knit ...... socks, a scarf, a hat or a bag?  Definitely a scarf or small shawl!

7. Describe the perfect ice cream sundae.  Vanilla ice cream, loads of hot fudge, fresh pecans, a teensy tiny bit of whipped cream, and a cherry on top!

8. Are there any knitting treats that you would love to add to your collection?  A book you would like for your library?  A knitting gadget for your notions bag?  A sweet yarn?  Sometimes surprises are good.

9. Think about the best homemade dessert from Mom or Grandma. Do you have the recipe to share?  A long-time favorite from my maternal grandmother, Apple Kuchen.  Recipe (perhaps with photos) to come in a follow-up post!  Yum.

10. What local or regional treats would you insist your swap partner try if she visited your town?  We would definitely go to my favorite chocolate shop -- it's only a couple of blocks from my favorite knitting shop!!

11. Cupcakes....talk amongst yourselves.  (Chocolate.)



OMG. I love Dots!!

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