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We had a great weekend, though very low-key for a holiday.  All the girls were here for brunch yesterday -- plus the boyfriend of one and a childhood friend/weekend guest of another -- along with my mom and her husband.  DH made us Egg M*Muffins to order, served with Maddy's fruit salad, and Mom's pineapple/pudding/whipped-topping/coconut WW confection.  It was all over by about 1:00, as Katie & Ali both had early departures due to work, Maddy took her friend home, and the Mom contingent wanted to get a nap in before tackling taxes.

Creme Brulee Smile

Katie and I did some running around on Saturday, including lunch.  We wanted Thai, but the restaurant was closed on Saturday, so we went to our next favorite place -- the one with creme brulee that makes a delicious smile when we share.

We stopped to see Ali just as she was finishing her shift and we all went Easter shopping at Target.  This is the first Easter that I didn't do actual baskets, but I had to do something and the girls didn't want junk... so I had them help!  We ended up with a practical (small mixing bowls for the two at large/tote bag for the one at home) and healthy variety of "treats," with one small whimsy... and one bag of chocolate eggs.  No jelly beans or Peeps for the peeps.

Raisingsand_2I -- I mean Easter Bunny -- treated DH to a book and me to Raising Sand, Robert Plant / Alison Krauss.  I just had to have it!  I've seen it here, I've seen it there, and now JCPenney is using the opening of Killing The Blues on some of their commercials.  I couldn't stand it anymore!  I had to have it and I'm glad I... Easter Bunny... did!  Lovin' Gone Gone Gone and Please Read The Letter...



That CD is fabulous! I've about worn mine out. It sounds like you had a lovely and relaxing day!


That's what that song is! Must download for plane trip and long walks on sunny beach in Florida! Glad you Easter was a good one. Mmmmm - Creme Brulee!


Is that CD not da bomb? My dad got that for me for Xmas this year (knowing my Robert Plant...ahem...issues) and I love it. Two voices that you'd not pick to go together in a million years that are wonderful!


I love that album. Pandora keeps playing me "Rich Woman," but "GGG" is my fave.


I couldn't find our Easter baskets but the kids/teens still had an egg hunt. In a new house it was a new adventure. We said they can have an egg hunt until they have kids of their own!
It was all chocolate treats and I dipped in and now you've got me thinking of creme brulee (the temptation!) and Robert Plant....


I have heard GGG enough on the radio to love it. Maybe after tax season I'll have a date with iTunes...

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