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26 March 2008

Inquiring minds want to know...

(or at least be reminded once in a while)... Does Vicki have a dog?

Dsc02441Yes.  No.  Well, yes and no.  Technically, it's Madeleine's dog, which makes it mine by default.  Her name is Mickey and she's an orange-peel-chocolate-loving almost-all-beagle.  Half the bar -- gone, gone, GONE!  This means that I must extend thanks to Margene from both of us for the chocolate bar that she included in the 4-year blogging anniversary contest prize package.

Thank you, Margene.  It was delicious.  I should have known better.

Let's hope Mickey doesn't like Sherbet!


Socks That Rock in Sherbet, that is.  (Orange sherbet was always my favorite -- still is; orange Creamsicles, too.  Mmmm.  I miss the ice cream wagon...)  The colors are fun and bright and... fun and BRIGHT!  There's a bit of blue in the colorway that goes nicely with the Araucania Ranco and I'm thinking of another baby sweater like the one I knit for Cara's baby shower.


Silly doggies, loving chocolate like they do. Congratulations on winning!

I like orange sherbert so much I think you should sell it at the hardware store ;)

I like orange sherbert so much I went hunting for a make my own option -


I think I feel a cabin treat coming on!

Oh dear! Doggies do like chocolate. At least she saved you half;-) Love the idea of the two yarns together. They should make each other shine.

Oh dear is right...chocolate can kill dogs! It's on the list of things they shouldn't ever eat. I hope she's OK!

Love the color of that STR.

You are the lucky one! Not about the missing chocolate, which is quite dangerous for dogs (but I don't think half a bar will kill her - I hope she barfed), but that STR Sherbet is really pretty. You are the contest-winningest person I know. Lucky you.

Poor you, well I am hoping Mickey didn't barf, cause not only would she have stolen your chocolate but then you would have to clean up the vomit!
That STR is gorgeous, gorgeous, some sunny colour on a winters day ;0)

Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog (E is for..).
I like your blog very much and while reading some of your entries about the ABC along I realized that I should have posted my pictures for the along at Flickr also. Sometimes it is a litte bit difficult for me because everthing is written in english (I am from the Netherlands).

I like the piece here about the dog who has eaten the chocolate. My father once owned a dog who was fond of fruit! Especially tangerine (we call that a 'mandarijn').

I love the colors of the yarn you show!

I'm warning you ---- I'm starting that club, or maybe a Ravelry group.

I keep the chocolate well out of reach of my doggies; they especially like anything with human breath-smell on it:)

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