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...through the snow... Easter's on its way!  It's not actually snowing here (yet) and we're not expected to get much, but just a bit south of us (and west) it's a completely different story on this Good Friday, day after the First Day of Spring.  Katie was going to come home again this weekend, but with at least 6-9" of snow predicted she'd probably best stay put.

Maddy's best friend through elementary and middle schools, Katy, is here for the weekend.  She moved about 40 miles away a few years ago; they talk frequently, but don't get together as often as they'd like.  Some other friends came over last night and they were reminiscing about some of the goofy things they did -- and how they'd fight!  Like most girls, they could only spend so much time together.  Katy's mom had supplies for every imaginable craft, which they'd do over at her house, but the creativity and resourcefulness spilled over into every area of play.  For a long while, they were into secret agent, investigative, detective, spy stuff -- thanks to a combination of Nancy Drew and Carmen Sandiego, and Lavar Burton probably had something to do with it, too -- and I'd find file folders and dossiers and "evidence" all over the place.  They played school with their American Girl dolls like nothing you've ever seen before.  I remember walking through the living room and noticing facial features taped to each of the pillars, being told later that they were for practice kissing.

And I wonder if this weekend will end with a fight.

The Garden Room

This photo was part of one of yesterday's mosaics, the first photo I ever posted on my (knitting) blog.  It makes me smile because it has nothing to do with knitting, because of the red Barrel-O-Monkeys monkeys hanging from a shelf support, and because you can see my iconic (for lack of a better word) pothead on the top shelf in the window.  I guess I set the tone early.

Thank you for all the wonderful blogiversary wishes.  Those made me smile, too!
Happy Weekend!



Good luck with the girl reunion. The pracice kissing bit is great. I'd never have been so forthright about that back then. Wonder what they practice on now?


I always thought the "pothead" was Lucille Ball!


Your plants look very pretty and healthy!


I'm sorry I didn't read yesterday. Happy belated Blogiversary! My daughter's birthday was yesterday and it is morphing into a 3-4 day event. She and her friends are right now playing just like you described your daughter but they aren't quite to the practicing kissing age yet. I love your blog and am sad that I found it only a short while ago. :)


Happy blogiversary! (I've been offline for a few days...). My first post was bugs in the stash! Never thought much about who your pot head is, but it's pretty funny she's in your first post. So... question... WHAT are those sandals, bottom right corner? They look really great!


Happy Easter! hope you have an enjoyable weekend :)


Happy Easter and all things chocolate!

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