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Carole went and posted crocus growing in her very own yard today.  There's still a foot or more of snow covering everything here, and it's been COLD, so it'll be a while before I see anything like that in my yard.  Thankfully, I can see it whenever I want on my blog.


Happy Friday!



I told her that with 10 inches of snow and below 0 today we weren't likely to see any for a while wither - at least in real life!


I'm hoping next week we'll be seeing a few croci and maybe a fall planted pansy or two!

Kathy W

I had to shovel snow away from the foundation of the house last weekend and found daffodils growing under all that snow. They were pathetically yellow instead of green but they were about 3 inches growth.


That's beautiful! You'll have them in your yard, too, before you know it.


That is GORGEOUS, Vicki! A sight for sore eyes~!


What a beautiful photograph. And good timing too. Happy Friday to you, too.


That's a wonderful pansy shot!

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