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23 March 2008

F is for...


Face.  My new face.  Also for Four! (what a dope that I didn't think to use that post for my F!).

ColortonesI've got a new face... on Ravelry and on Flickr... a self-portrait that I took on Saturday afternoon.  I liked the way my hair was looking, especially the gray.  It's gray pretty much only at the hairline, framing my face, and has been described as "bright."  Well, indeed it was.  I took a zillion pictures of the top of my head from the eyeballs up and decided to try and get an okay portait.  This one is far from perfect, but the best of the batch.  I fooled around with cropping and processing the photo in PSE (probably could have done some retouching... I'm just learning!) and then Warholized myself using Big Huge Labs!  I am thrilled with how that turned out.  I saved three versions and combined the best of them into one -- I love the yellow "negative" version that shows the wild gray hairs!


So beautiful - so cool - so YOU!

It's a great face! I love seeing it.

great F! ;)

Very nice self-portrait. It's hard to do yourself and get it right. Love the Warholization, too. Guess I might try that.

And a BEAUTIFUL one indeed!

It IS a great face! And a great person.

you look so beautiful. what a great photo!

That is a neat montage. Great face. I kinda think my gray hair around the face is interesting, too.

You have a great face girl! Your Warhol skills are awesome too!

it's great Vicki!! you look perfectly you in each one!

Nice "F"! The Big Huge labs are very fun to play with.

Oh, how wonderful! My fave is the blue one. No, wait, the purple. No, the gray. :)

What a beautiful Face! Great picture.

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