Blobs 'n Thyme
Because it's green?

E is for...


...Empty.  The old hardware store.  We took the tour yesterday.  It's unlikely that this will be Vicki's old hardware store... but the wheels are turning now...

Dsc02305_0074_edited1  Dsc02331_0100_edited1_2  Dsc02327_0096_edited1

The large photo is the smaller of the two storefronts; it has wood on both floor and ceiling, but not heat of its own.  The owner of the old hardware store used it only for storage -- it hasn't been an actual store for maybe 70-80 years.

The big wheel is for a hand-operated freight elevator that goes from first floor to the basement.  The basement floor is nothing but limestone bedrock and dirt -- and big timbers -- with a very low ceiling.  The huge old coal burner is still down there, along with traces of coal.

The ladder is one of two -- one runs along a side of the store, the other along the back.  (*sigh*)

The stairway leads from a street-level door between the two storefronts to the second level and five (count 'em -- 5!) apartments.  We think it may have been a hotel or rooming house at one time (originally) with many more rooms because there are blocked off doorways everywhere!  The largest apartment is relatively untouched and, really, quite nice -- with a little vision.  Most of the rest are the result of some amazing cobble jobs that had us scratching our heads a few times.  The electrical array was... shocking.

I'll get all the photos up on Flickr later... right now, I'm on my way to Mom's to celebrate some birthdays -- my stepdad's, my brother's, my brother-in-law's -- and, I realized, my three-year smoke-free anniversary!



So, is this the next WIP?


Dreams begin in unexpected ways...who knows!


Oh my, the possibilities,,, dream on it is good for the soul and good luck :)


What a wonderful old space! Get some heat in there, and along with your vision... have you said what you want to do with it? It looks much like the storefronts in Hallowell ME. Oh, and probably my uncles old music/gun shop in the north end... and probably lots of old storefronts. The Blob bit cracked me up... I'm with you about the crooked labels!


what an amazing space...
.... i could see ALL your ideas in there! those windows are glorious!


I've never commented before but its clear that this place needs to be yours. It looks fabulous and full of promise.


That stairwell with its steep stairs and railing off to the right (and your description of the entire place!) really brings back memories. My grandmother lived in just such a place for decades. They owned the whole building, rented out the two store fronts below, and lived in the largest of the 5 apartments above. The other four apartments were empty for as long as I can remember. Grandma didn't feel secure with other people having access to the portion of the building she lived in.


Oh, the potential of it all. Five apartments! wow. It would be interesting to do some title work or other research on the building to see what people had used it for in the past. This will certainly be an interesting exploration for you no matter the result. It seems like the start of something important, though.


Indulge your less practical side for a bit. Exercize your dreaming function. If that's all you do, at least you know you can think big when needed.

Big congratulations on the smoke-free anniversary. I used to work as a cardiology nurse, so I love to see these kinds of dates.


OMG --- it is fabulous. I am dying over here - and in a good way!

Maybe you could buy it with all the $$$ you saved by quitting? ;) congrats to you & me m'dear!


Congratulations to you and Ann on your smoke-free date. That is SUCH an accomplishment, and I know there were some times that tried your souls in the intervening time, too! A-maz-ing!

And as for this building, I don't know.... I know it sounds like a huge money (and energy) pit, but you seem drawn to it in a big way. Dream, girl...dream.


Is this your place? Congrats on your 3 year healthoversary!


This may spark something else, you never know. Follow your dreams, Vicki.


Congrats on three years and may all your dreams come true :)


Three years! Good for you. I kkep thinking of Dr. Seuss's "Imagine the Places You'll Go" everytime you talk about the hardware store!


Congratulations on 3 Years!
The hardware store becomes more intriguing....


I love the feeling of walking into an empty space and conjuring up the possibilities. I've done it myself. It only takes a leap of faith and a whole lots of greenbacks, easy right?
It looks like YARN should be in there and coffee and...Vicki.

Good luck with Talia. I'm edging towards Jaden myself but not in cotton.

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