D is for...


Daughters and Dad.

Dsc00338This was taken last May when Dad was visiting, finishing up some business here.  I used my brand-spankin' new Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 to crop, lighten, and enhance the color/improve skin tone a tiny bit.  I have used photo editing programs before, but this one is a bit of a leap.  I'm pretty sure I could isolate and work on only Maddy's and Ali's faces -- they are most deeply shadowed -- but I've only just begun to learn.

It's not that common these days that all my girls are together, given various schedules and locations.  Now that Ali will be moving out on her own, an additional location and I'll be much more out of the scheduled loop.  Did I mention that the move will probably be as soon as TUESDAY?  There's an immediate opening and Ali's roommate is in need of a place to live NOW.

While I'm a bit tardy with the "D" posting, and it shouldn't have been all that difficult, since I've had this photo for nearly a year, the "Daughters and Dad" thing didn't really "speak" to me 'til now.



You have a beautiful family of girls and your Dad is quite handsome.


Wonderful photo. :-)


What a lovely photo! You've got beautiful girls and a handsome dad.

Elements is a great piece of software. It seems like I learn something new every time I use it. I just reminded myself that I really need to purchase a new version for my Mac.

(I also don't feel quite so badly for being tardy with my own D entry now.)


what a great "D" post. your daughters and Dad truly shine with love.

Teresa C

Why is it that I am reduced to at least weepiness and sometimes downright tears when you post about your daughters? I love this post and the photo. Your dad looks like a cutie.


That photo is gorgeous and very touching! Such beautiful people!
Tuesday, huh? Hmm. So soon.


Wow --- just, wow! Such beautiful girls, a dapper dad. How proud you must be.


A great "D" entry! It is a wonderful photo--your girls are all so lovely and your dad looks very happy to be with them.


What beautiful daughter you have!


That's a nice family photo :) Glad I'm not the only one late on the Ds.


Such a warm and loving photo of your beautiful daughters and dear dad. :)

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