Warming up!
If I could do anything...


Alert the media!  I've gone for a walk two days in a row, with dog and camera in tow.  Whatever it takes; even better if it rhymes.  The sun was setting.


This is another building in my fair city that will soon be for sale -- the oldest elementary school, and the one my kids attended.  The bell, which has never hung in the tower, is on display in the lobby; the empty bell tower has been struck by lightning a few times.  I attended the 100-year celebration of this school and witnessed the removal of the keystone and opening of a time capsule.  People in the olden days just didn't seem to have a clear grasp of the potential for damage due to moisture and the elements, so that part was a bit anticlimactic.  The school administration building -- another historic building, the original post office -- is also for sale.  It's very weird that two such important buildings may soon be privately owned.


On the other hand...  That's a view of my house from the west, with the neighbor's front lawn in the foreground.  Significant is the absence of a "for sale" sign, making it my NEW neighbor's front lawn.  I haven't made their acquaintance yet.  I hope the neighbor karma is much improved.

The "brush pile" across the street is one of about five or six that used to be a black walnut tree.  Whoever planted them was an idiot, placing them right under the utility lines; every couple of years the city would come and whack them all to hell and all I could hope was that I wouldn't be home to watch.  Last week, the trees were cut down altogether -- ugly stumps left jutting through the snow, branches strewn around -- and thank god I wasn't home to witness the devastation.  There was very recently a "for sale" sign on this property, too; I'm told that someone has plans to build a house.  It's pretty likely that my approval of their plans will not be sought; I hope the new house somehow "fits" in our eclectic neighborhood.  Whatever.  The over-zealous tree-cutters apparently cut down one tree too many -- one that was on another's property.  That's not good for the neighbor karma.



It sounds like your whole town is up for sale. Around here if a house is sold, razed and rebuilt, the new house is ginormous!
I love your walks with the camera in tow!


I thought for sure that first photo was a library!

Judy in MN

Oh how painful to see beautiful trees get chopped down (but if I were in your neighborhood, I'd be over there swiping some of the wood for turning on the lathe). :) Might as well have something beautiful stem from the tragedy.


Thanks for taking us on your walk! Would you believe, just after we moved into our new neighborhood, there are five houses for sale on our street? Go figure!


Good luck with the neighbor karma! I know how very important good neighbors are - it's why we left the last neighborhood & the little yellow house I adored. *sigh*


The last good walk I took was with you!!


I love a neighbourhood walk.
My old neighbourhood changed so much over the years and not for the better. Large stucco homes, as big as the lot allowed were wedged into every possible space, gone went the interesting and unique original cottages. Sigh.
I hope you get good ones.


Oh, dear. Bad neighbors are one of life's biggest challenges. I hope this one is good.

lynne s of oz

Wishing you good neighbourhood karma - you wouldn't like some upstairs neighbours with two boys under 10? Thought not.
You have lots of snow still! Almost four weeks in Canada was enough for me!


Poor trees :( Hoping good karma comes to your hood.

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