Breaking up is hard to do

Okay, so video was streaming from every available source late this morning for Brett Favre's news conference.  I tuned in and watched as much as I was able.  The start time was delayed a half-hour due to travel difficulties, but the live feed was still broadcast while we waited (at least on and I had the distinct feeling that I was at a funeral.

Favre made reference to that -- with all the tributes and retrospectives and hoopla over the past few days -- "This is what it's like when you die."

I missed the very first few minutes of the actual news conference because my STUPID computer chose that moment to FREEZE!  Late or not, and even without audio at times, the message was emotional and it was clear: "It's over."

And now I have a headache from the tears -- both the few I shed and the many that I had to hold back.  I feel like my boyfriend just broke up with me -- and that it was harder on him in many ways than on me!

And I still can't quite sum up how I feel.  A caller on a radio show the other night -- Wisconsin Public Radio, of all things -- said that it was like watching a little boy play every time Brett Favre took the field.  As he said today, too, in thanking the fans:

"When I laughed and when my family laughed, they laughed; when I cried, they cried; when I cheered, they cheered; and when I threw an interception... well, ya know..."

Well... we wanted to wring his neck!  We shouted and hollered and wrung our hands, but only for a second because we really only wanted him back out on the field to try again, because it was so exciting to watch, it was always fun, he always gave it everything he had and made things happen.

Good luck to you, Brett Favre.  The best to you and your family.  We'll miss you.

Favre's final farewell
Favre's final farewell

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Brett's not the only one breaking up with me.  Ali showed me the floor plan of the apartment she plans to move into with a friend -- on April 1st.  This is not totally unexpected or undesired, but it is a little shocking and will take some getting used to.  It's all good, and it's time... and it also means a big world room open to possibilities.



I'm with you...I was a little weepy when I heard the news on Tuesday morning (it made the news all the way out here in Los Angeles!). And I've been feeling blue ever since. Your analogy of the boyfriend is right on...I feel like I've been dumped. Whatever shall we do? My husband says the whole state of WI must be in mourning and I'm sure he can't be far off. One of the many things I miss about my home state is the loyalty of its citizens!


I thought Brett was going to leave the stage for awhile to collect himself, wow that was a tough first 5 minutes. It is strange to me to see such a strong man, (really any man) cry. So I sat stunned with my tissues for the entire conference.

Are you sure Ali is moving and that it is'nt an April Fool's joke ? :-)


Just keep saying: change is good, change is good.


Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes....


We turned it on in the conference room at work...the last time we all gathered around the tv in the conference room was 9/11!

Katie K.

I don't think I could have said it better. Well done.


So, how long will Ali expect you to maintain a semblance of a room for her and how much change can you make in it in the mean time? A whole room is an exciting prospect.


Oh dear. I do love that you're already thinking about doing something with that room of Ali's. I moved into the Girlie's room after she'd been gone about 6 months. I don't expect her back. And it was my room to begin with, anyway. I lived there 10 years as a kid. So, it makes sense that it's mine again. Now if I could just get the rest of her stuff out of there.
As for Mr. Favre, change is the only constant. So sorry for your loss, dear.


words are failing me. clearly I do not understand any of this.


I cried again reading your post. He is going to be sorely missed in my household. My 10 year old son and I snuggled and cried when we heard the news. It does feel like someone died, someone broke my heart, someone has left me! He will always be the packers to me!


Ok both of my girls left to go to college and then marry and have children of their own. I thought I would have 2 new rooms for myself. Guess what? They have now become the grandchildren's rooms. One for Maggie (which was Alicia's old room) and one for Nathan and John (which was Angela's old room). Good thing I have my sewing/laundry room downstairs to call my own ;)

Mary in Boston

I thought of you immediately upon hearing the news about Brett. I'm sorry he retired. I thought he had one or two more years left to play.

Will Ali be close by? That will maybe make things easier to take.


Oh, hugging on you!


Bret will always be a special to me because he was my first Fantasy Football QB. It was hard to watch that press conference. I felt for him. His statements and answers very thoughtful and emotional, and not something scripted by a PR firm. He was a great QB, and good for the game.

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