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Breakfast for two

DH and I went out for breakfast yesterday morning.  The goal is to go out for breakfast every Sunday morning, resuming a (very) long-abandoned tradition.  The opening of the new cafe where Maddy works coincides nicely with the new plan.

Dsc02465_0024 Dsc02463_0022

It was as yummy as it looks.  That panini has pesto, turkey and scrambled egg, along with very thin slices of tomato, mozzarella cheese, and potato.  Yes, potato; one of my most favorite things.  I watched as a delighful looking potato side dish was made using thin slices of potato and they will definitely be hitting my plate next weekend.

Food will take center stage again tonight as I'm attending an Italian/Mediterranean cooking class at another new-to-me restaurant.  A few of the women from book club have been to previous classes and gave enthusiastic recommendations.

Dsc02439_0188Well, the little sweater I was knitting with the combo at right started out looking great, but half-way up the sleeve I began to think "clown barf."  Not good.  Maybe that "sherbet" would be better with black -- like licorice!  I wasn't in the mood for clean up last night; nor was I in the mood for seaming, finishing, or resuming any of the untold number of projects that would benefit from such a mood.  Instead, I'm on the home stretch of a nice, cheerful, spring-timey Ballband Dishcloth.  I think I'll make a couple each for Kate & Al.



"Clown barf" made me laugh. Black would be a good choice, or maybe just expand the darker stripes and narrow down the colorful ones. Whateve you choose, I know it will be a cute li'l sweater.

Teresa C

Yum, that breakfast looks good. We used to go out for breakfast often as well. Now I a afraid to miss my Fiber One every morning. heh.


I love going out for breakfast - that sandwich sounds divine!


That breakfast looks fabulous. A great start to the day and the week ahead!


Oh, yummmmmmmmy. Man, that looks wonderful. What a wonderful tradition to resume.

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