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Blobs 'n Thyme

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I was in a procedure room at the doctor's office yesterday, awaiting a minor procedure with Maddy.  There was a wall of cabinets on one side of the room, each door and drawer labeled.  I told Maddy that it would drive me nuts to work in there because the labels were all crookedy.  I was reading them all, whether crooked or straight, and the bottom drawer on the right made me laugh.  I grew up with medical-surgical-hospital talk while my mother went to nursing school -- we talked about things at the dinner table that most people wouldn't talk about at all -- and I never once heard anything about blobs, at least not the kind that would be stored in a marked drawer.  One would think that one would.  Well, I had to take a picture and, of course, the doc walked in right then... and now I know what a blob is (a type of ventilation mask), medically speaking.

While Saturday is normally a day of looking up at the sky, this morning my attention was drawn down to the ground.  Because of the sun that's been in the sky so many recent days, there are encouraging signs appearing everywhere!  This is creeping thyme breaking through the snow, a large patch that's between the house and the garage.

I have not begun Talia because it requires two circular needles that I do not have.  I'm not sure I wish to purchase them, either, since I'm not much of a circ knitter.  While I consider my options for borrowing said needles or whether I can modify the pattern to knit in pieces (requiring a fair amount of calculating and math and the frame of mind must be "just so"), I have begun a mini Clapotis using directions found at kpixie and the Atacama yarn that Liz sent for the Special Swap Spa.  The yarn was originally intended for pedicure socks, but I'll use a scarf more often.  I have remained a rare Clapotis virgin for over three years... but not for long.  I've already felt the thrill of the drop and I'm hooked.



rare virgin indeed! I may just have to mark one of my drawers 'blobs' --- too funny!


The thrill of the drop, ha!

I have not made mine yet, either, though I have yarn earmarked for a Clapotis.

Our ground is still frozen under the 1/2 inch of muddy thaw -- I'm not seeing nothin' except the things being unearthed (unsnowed?) that are still green from when they got snowed on in November/December. But nothing new. Pretty much always on St. Patrick's Day, I can find some sorrel or clover coming up and pretend it's a shamrock. I don't think so, this year.

Ah, well, it can't be much longer. The snow is decreasing dramatically. The first day of spring approaches!

I'm medical and I've never heard of BLOB masks!


Well I tell ya ... I've been an RN a long time and I've never heard of a blob. Did you open the drawer and take a peek? I would've had to! But then it could've said "snot" and I would've had to have seen it! lol I'm still a Clapotis virgin as well even though I've had the needles and yarn earmarked for ages. That's me ... curious AND lazy!


I'm thinking another Clapotis should be in my future. I could have used the Pedi socks yesterday...pedi = snow!

Andrea (noricum)

Those crooked labels would drive me bonkers too... but only for a day or so, when I'd have them all replaced with nice, straight ones! ;)


Isn't the Clapotis fun?! The thrill of the drop, yeah!

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