Weekend Update
Time out for babies!

Your table, sir


This goofy cat.  Every morning he comes in and talks to me, nudges me.  He is relentless.  I pet him, give him some lovin' 'til he nearly drives me nuts.

"Do you want to go out?  Do you need some food?"  He follows me as I walk, then trots ahead, leading me to his food bowl, which is usually already full.  Oh.

"Table for one?  Please, allow me to escort you, sir."

* * * * * *

Since being recently enchanted by Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser, Madeleine has been on a bit of a cleaning jag.  I came home to a wonderfully clean house on Friday.  It's almost a little scary, as Ali's neatnik was showing a lot last week, too.  Have they become possessed?  Is there something in the water?  I didn't want to delve to deep, you know?  With great appreciation, I had a very relaxing weekend watching football on TV with knitting on my lap.  I believe I'm approaching the fourth of six each-side increases on the sleeves of Oblique, which I am knitting at the same time.  If that's not another one of those black holes of knitting, I don't know what is.

On Saturday, I was all "GO GIANTS," but that's over, man.  My stint as a Giants fan ended when the last whistle blew in Dallas yesterday.  Woohoo!  The Giants will march into Green Bay on Sunday to play the Packers on the Frozen Tundra... and believe me, it will be f-f-f-f-frozen!  If a Cheesehead who lived down the street from Lambeau Field were to have a friendly wager with a New Jersey girl who lived next door to Giants Stadium regarding which team would advance to the Super Bowl, I wonder what they'd bet!?



I'm not sure, but I think the cats have to believe they're getting us to do what they tell (and that we need to be told) to feed them; same time each day. Me-ow!


Cats!! Our new kitty stole last night's dinner and was kind enough to share it with the dog! This morning she took off with a package of brownie mix and tore into it leaving quite the mess - all while I was taking Kate to school.

Kathy W

Since my Colts are out of the running, I'll be glad to cheer the Packers on. I'm glad the Giants won as I really, really don't like the Cowboys.

When I was in the Navy, stationed in Corpus Christi, TX, the guys from work used to gather in my room on Sunday afternoons and cheer for whoever Dallas was playing.

Mary in Boston

Ah cats. They are mysterious. My youngest cat does that. Wakes me up and then really doesn't want anything. Maybe they get lonely or something.

I'm sad that the Colts are out of it. My next choice would be to root for the Packers. That would be cool if they went to the Superbowl. They could probably beat the Pats.


Maybe he just wants to make sure you're paying attention. Nothing worse than being ignored! ;-)


I'm a huge fan of the Mr.Clean magic erase sponge. It really is magic. I'm a Jersey girl and I'd put my money on the Packers since they're used to playing on the tundra.


The New Englander says Patriots all the way, baybeeeee.


I'll take whoever beats the Pats. I've already told my baby - NUMEROUS times - that the only thing worse than a Dallas Cowboy is ANY team from Boston. GO GIANTS! (Or E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! but that ain't gonna happen. Ever.)

I would think the wager would have to have something to do with yarn, wouldn't you?


I'm with the Cheeseheads this year. I'm tired of the Patriots. Cheeseheads all the way to Super International Pajama Day.


Silly Kitty! I don't know nuthin' about football, so I will keep my mouth shut on this one.

Teresa C

I cannot believe CARA!!!!!! This will be war, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.......

Go Packers! GO PATS!!!!!


Our cat does the same thing! We say that he just wants a "breakfast companion" because as soon as we are standing there next to his FULL bowl, he starts crunching away. We move at all...say to the fridge for a snack, he stops and waits. It's infuriating! Our cats need to be friends. GO PACKERS!

Cindy B

Vicki, I love your new page. It's a whole new look. Lovely! I have been meaning to leave a comment, but I have been swooping in and out rather quickly.

Ohh . . . can I borrow Maddy, my three teenagers clean up resistant.


Finally catching up on blog reading! Between the holidays and a dead hard drive I am way behind. Love the blog redo! It looks fresh and ready for a new year.


Oh, you got new drapes! AND rearranged the furniture. I like it. January is a great time for a change, eh?

Melissa V.O.

Your kids are cleaning. Don't question it and let them do as much as they want.

Our cats are like that, too. They pitch a fit like the litter door is stuck shut or the bowls are empty, but no. "JUST GET UP! PET MEEEEE!"

My husband is thrilled that Dallas lost, he says the Packers have lost the last 8 games they played there and they are more likely to beat the NYG at home.

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