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Dsc01996One way to overcome the challenges with the mathematics and counting is to employ every stitch marker that will reasonably fit on the needle!

I'm working flat, from the bottom up, and cast on 170 stitches (plus 2) for a 10-stitch lace pattern with a marker at every repeat.  I've worked four pattern rows and have had only one small, very fixable mistake, so a needle full of stitch markers it is until I train my brain for this project.

Lace sure seems to exercise (challenge) a different part of my brain than texture or color work -- though one of my first-ever projects was cables and lace that turned out great.  Maybe I was too stupid to know!  Maybe now, in an effort not to over-think it, I'm actually under-thinking (or not thinking?).

It's been positively balmy around here since the weekend.  The snow has been melting like crazy and there are puddles everywhere.  The temperature will plunge this afternoon as the wind picks up and the near mid-40s we saw yesterday will give way to barely 5 tomorrow.  There's talk of the dreaded "wintry mix" along with snow.  I may forego knitting out tonight and head straight home to hunker down.  And hunker down well I may, as today is my last day at work this week and I'm staring down an extra-extra-long weekend.



That marker after every repeat is a life saver! It really helps find exactly where the problem is when you end up with too many stitches.


Try to read the lace. If you can see how the pattern fits together you'll get the hang of it quickly. Enjoy your extra long weekend. I did hear you're in for a bit bunch of snow (which might have been here yesterday). ;-)


I love that picture! There's nothing wrong with lots of stitch markers. I use them and I always count my stitches when I'm knitting bac on the wrong side. It really helps to find mistakes right away when you do that.

Deb Secrest

I love the stitch markers you're using! Hunker down is right - it's already 8 below here. We started out at 18 above this morning. And windy - oh hell yes!! Stay in, wrap up, grab a hot toddy and knit!


such pretty stitch markers! Enjoy your long weekend - the wintry mix is coming. blech.


Your extra-extra-long weekend comes just in time for Super International Pajama Day! Woo hoo! I like the extra-extra stitch markers, too.

Teresa C

Oooh, I wish I had an extra-extra long weekend.

I love that photo, what will it be?


Aren't stitch markers comforting in addition to being beautiful??


Doesn't a long weekend help with not caring what the weather will be? Sounds like you're well prepared!

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