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WipwedWIP Wednesday is another brilliant brainchild of Anne, inventor of the original ABC-Along.

Speaking of which, can I tell you how thrilled I am with it all?  Some of the interpretations of the project just leave me floored:  The Purloined Letter, for one; Andy in Amsterdam and his appropriate use of Dutch; Hyvetyrant's stunning photography (and may I also direct your attention to a beautiful, new, free pattern she's posted for Reversible Lace Mitts) (thank you, Melissa).  I keep tabs on ABC posts in a number of ways and one of my favorite ways, so far, is via the group discussion board on Ravelry -- simply because it's all in one place and the posts are very concise, as most people make a short statement about the subject and link to a blog post or Flickr page (with the Flickr group page being, perhaps, the second favorite).  Check it out, if you're a Ravel-rouser; there are some interesting posts

Back to the WIPs.  This post is about two: the upstairs kitchen and my Alchemy Monarch project.

Dsc02005 Dsc02006

Actually, the whole house is a WIP, but the upstairs kitchen goes to show that even a big-ass home remodeling project is subject to being stuffed to the bottom of the proverbial workbasket, maybe even for years.  I last took a picture of that WIP for the blog three years ago.  The upstairs kitchen isn't used as a kitchen, it's a hanger-on from when our house was sometimes home to two families (and maybe, one day, it will be again).  The cupboards and sink are still intact, because they're handy, but otherwise it's been used to store board games, craft supplies, sometimes my sewing machine, usually the ironing board, and lotsa other stuff.  Anyway, we were a little stuck on exactly how to paint the wood panels we put up, the options being all one color, two-tone paint, or two-tone paint-and-stain.  Alison has had this amazing burst of energy lately and yesterday, she was wielding a paintbrush.  (I've realized that when her BF works second shift, it can be quite beneficial to me.)  She started one section with the two-tone paint-and-stain method and we decided that, while delightful in theory, it was ToO bUsY in reality.  All one color it is!

With the knitting WIP, I wasn't so sure about the Monarch project a few rows ago, but now, just a few rows shy of a full repeat, I'm quite happy.  It's a fairly simple scroll lace pattern, but there's something happening on every single row, so I must pay full attention.  The markers are working wonderfully.  It may seem strange, but using markers to separate pattern sections is a relatively new thing for me.  Oblique is the first pattern I really used markers for something more than marking the beginning of a round in circular knitting (and even then, I don't always).

Sipj08buttonThe weather is brutal today and all schools are closed.  It started yesterday afternoon with freezing rain and sleet, then a little hail, topped off with some snow, and then it all got whipped up with BIG wind!  Oh, and falling -- plunging -- temperature.  It was -11F this morning and I didn't (don't) even want to know about windchill.  It's friggin' cold outside.  Right now it's very bright and sunny, but the wind is still quite stiff making the small, ice-coated branches on the trees glint and glimmer.  Sounds like a good day to work on my plans for Super International Pajama Day!!!



Oh that lace is very pretty. I use stitch markers all over the place - I'm counting challenged!


SUPER! Thanks for the plug. I will have to get to WIP Wednesday a week from today, as I haven't worked on a project since the flood began. But thank goodness SIPJ Day is just around the corner. I have so many WIPs to choose from and will have plenty of time alone.


Stay in and enjoy your time inside. I KNOW what the wind chill is and you can't be out in that!

hyvetyrant melissa

Thank you for the nice words!

The Purloined Letter

Thank you! Right now I'm enjoying the idea of having three main alphabets going: a knitting one, a fiber adventure story, and a homesteading one (mostly about food). But I'm sure when the letters get a bit more difficult, I'll be doing far fewer. Interestingly, as I was going through recent posts, I realized that almost everything I've posted about could have been framed as the letter of the week....

LOVE the idea of WIP Wednesday. Maybe it will inspire me to pull out some oldies, too....


I know all about those long-term projects. It took my father 6 years to remodel the 2 bathrooms in the house I grew up in. Sometimes we had a shower in one, sink and toilet in the other, or... The permutations were endless. LOL I know I don't comment here very often (ever?), but I *do* read your blog. A lot. And I have a little something for you on mine. ;-)


I like your upstairs kitchen. If I had an upstairs, I'd want a kitchen for the reasons you have kept yours! Have I told you that the Madison Knitters Guild will be having a Knit In all day March 8. The keynote speaker is Lily Chin!! And, there will be a market with 20 vendors as well as other classes, lunch and great door prizes. You can register and find out more info at Just scroll down to the March 8 item!


Stink!!! I have to work on Sunday! And, it wouldn't be the same if I came home and put my pajamas back on!


I like the color you chose for the kitchen! great chatting this morning - hope you managed to stay warm!


OK, you've got to be the only person I know who has an upstairs kitchen. So very cool.


Your lace is lookging good.
Thanks for all the great links!

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