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04 January 2008

Today: Friday (hallelujah!)


Spell With Flickr.

V I C k2 I say I

I can't stop.  The ABC-Along 2008 is gathering steam and attracting participants on both the Flickr group and the Ravelry group.  There have been some A's appearing.  Very exciting.

Sign-up details here and here.  Here's a link to my photo album from v.2006 for a quick intro/overview of the whole idea -- my interpretation, anyway.

UPDATE:  The ABC-Along 2008 blogroll has been moved to the ABC-Along 2008 page.

Bonus blog, has nothing to do with ABCs: Kilted Pride.

Following Cara's lead, I have cast on the fronts of Oblique -- both at the same time.  No, I am NOT knitting from hanks two and three.  I have two very handy yarn cakes and already a few inches under my belt -- always anxious to get through the ribbing.  Speaking of Cara, Ann mentioned some baby shower blog action yesterday, and I stirred things up a little more today.  Let me know if you need the super-secret log-in info.


Phew! That Kilted Pride blog is...shall we say...good for a personal summer?

Sigh. I had missed the baby shower for Cara blog - can I get in an invite, please?

Wooo hoo! Don't forget to add me, too.

This sure is shaping up to be great fun!

I don't know if I've told you this--I follow you on bloglines and receive a warm fuzzy every time I click in because of the lovely cermanic lady in the top left corner.

It takes me back to loving feelings of my Nonna and the 50's. Never thought a thing about that piece as a child, but it stirs special emotions now. Thank you. We never know how we touch others.


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