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Time out for babies!

I'm takin' a 24-hour time out.  Mack & Addison called and they need some looking after (and before and during and up and down and over and under and all the way around) tomorrow.

Dsc00146 Addison1

I'm a lucky auntie, and how could I say "No"?  It would just never, ever happen.  I'm also a lucky mum -- school hasn't started for Katie yet and she doesn't have to work tomorrow!  This time, with Katie as my able assistant, I'm actually going to try to venture out with the boys -- yes, even with all the bundling up at this time of year.  Hats and mittens and jackets and boots and let's just hope I don't forget the diaper bag... or my wallet.  Our list of destinations will include the coffee shop that has Mack's favorite play kitchen, and a yarn shop that I've never visited before -- Off The Beaten Path.  Not that I'm actually in the market for more yarn (not that that's ever mattered).  Katie is, though; she bought something at this shop a while back and needs more.

Oblique continues.  Yadda yadda yadda, increases, blah blah blah, sleeves.  I'm getting anxious to finish this for no other reason than that the black/brown yarn makes for less than spectacular WIP photographs.  I guess this is good, in a way, since the finished product is intended to be a neutral, utilitarian, goes-with-everything, go-to sweater.  It makes sense that the knitting might be a bit of a yawner at times.  I have very high hopes for the FO: neutral and utilitarian, yes; boring, no.  Next up: definitely something more colorful.

So, anyway, I'm calling a 24-hour time out.  You may continue comment (don't all rush in at once!), continue to request invitations to join the ABC-Along 2008* Flickr group, and continue to email me with all variety of questions or just to say, "Hey."  Just be aware that ain't nothin' gonna be happenin' 'round here 'til Wednesday night or maybe even Thursday.  I'll have updated pictures.



Enjoy your little break! Sometimes babies are just the thing.


Looking forward to seeing how big the boys are! Have fun with them, that's the prerogative of an aunt (and cousin).


Have fun! They are too cute!


I predict you'll have a really fun day!


Have fun with the auntie adventures!


Have a fab time, Vicki! Don't let them run you ragged! (easier said than done, I know)

Teresa C

Oooh, lady! Have a blast. Heh, you'll be exhausted in the end. I'm guessing a longer time-out.


Have a great time with those lovely boys.


Hey! Those boys are just adorable and get cuter all the time. Have a great time!


Lucky you... being around such cuteness all day!


It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut

Aaaaaahhh, babies. I love babies! Now that's a B word for this Sunday ;-) Have fun!


That cuteness definitely deserves a time out! Have fun!


What cuties! Love the Mack in his sweater. I definitely understand the time out for babies thing.


Awww, how adorable! I love the sweater too. Baby fixes are certainly worth it! Have fun!

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