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The way it is

In lieu of a Saturday Sky photograph today, I present Saturday Snow... because that's just the way it is... and continues to be... it is snowing as we speak.



I also present snow-on-hydrangea (because it was there) and cashmere.

That almost-half of a 2x3 or 3x4 (I don't remember now) ribbed cashmere-silk scarf has been marinating for quite some time, and it's a shame.  I recall working on it at and around Rhinebeck... 2006.  Not only is it fabulous, ultra-super-soft yarn -- Alchemy Monarch -- it was also a gift from someone special.  It came to mind recently when I was reading The Knitter's Book of Yarn and saw that the Butterfly Moebius Wrap uses the exactly same stuff in exactly the amount I have!  Well, I pulled out the ribbed scarf -- which is so soft and, really, it looks great -- worked a few stitches, and agreed with myself that I just really can't hack ribbing in such a strong dose... which somewhat explains the long marination period.

Last night, after an evening of pizza and snuggling with babies, I didn't have enough time to wash and pin-out Oblique (that's happening today!).  I did have enough time to rip the cashmere, re-wind it on the swift, wash it and hang it up to dry.  I'll wind it up today -- and suddenly, I have a new next project.

Out of the mouths of babes:  My sister Ann told me that she was wearing a run-of-the mill, everyday sweater one day las tweek and Mack, who is always told that "Aunt Vicki knit this" when a handknit is slipped over his head, asked, "Did Aunt Vicki knit that for you?"


Special Needs Mama

That Mack, he's priceless. And I'm with you on ribbing. Two inches at the top of a sock is my limit...


Ribbing really should be an outlawed word some days. I follow the comment that EZ wrote about knitting it until you are sick of it for your socks and then continuing on in pattern . . . my limit is about 1.75 inches (can't even muster the full 2).

Keep that snow in your neck of the woods. We've been relatively "snow free" which is fine by me. Bitterly cold, but low on the snow.


Yikes, Vicki. That's some serious snow. Stay inside and enjoy it from afar. Have a great Saturday!


Yikes, Vicki. That's some serious snow. Stay inside and enjoy it from afar. Have a great Saturday!

Andrea (noricum)

That Saturday snow photo is *gorgeous*!

Deb Secrest

I'm so glad you'll get to play with the Monarch again. It will be like I'm there holding your hands.


My nephew has been known to ask teachers at school if they knit the sweater they're wearing. Teach them young!

Speaking of sweaters - Oblique is DONE! Every end woven in and everything. Although it needs buttons and I should block it - if only for the button bands.

The snow is beautiful. I would LOVE some snow!


Famous Aunt Vicki, maker of all sweaters! I have to tell you, that snow photo of the trees and the chairs is really artsy! I'm mesmerized by it, it's awesome.


Oh, Mack! That comment is worth $3 million!!!!! Didn't that just make you beam???


Out of the mouth of babes is right!
That's a boat load of snow...ours is coming.


I'm with you on the ribbing. I am still so enchanted with your new layout and banner. It's all lovely.


I love that shot of snow on the outdoor chairs! Very pretty.

Lynne Robinson

Beautiful photo! I am so jealous of your snow. Please send it our way as here in NJ it keeps missing us!


Love those old button back chairs, Vicki. I've always had my eye out for some.

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