Time out for babies!
Unofficially and without photographic evidence...


Yesterday was all about nephews.  Mack popped in and woke me up with a "Good morning, Vicki," bringing a favorite book and climbing in for a morning read while Addison slept in.

During breakfast, we gave northwoods nephew/cousin Daniel a call to sing "Happy Birthday" on the morning of his 18th and get his day started right.  Turns out we were a few minutes early and he had to be roused from slumber (oops).  Born with Down syndrome, Daniel is a man of few words -- and fewer still when there's still sleep in his eyes.  We're told he had a smile from ear-to-ear during our trio's performance, and acknowledged the finale with a bow.  That's exactly what I was aiming for and I hope he thought of us during the day yesterday and felt the love all over again.

Then Addison woke up!

Dsc01218 Dsc01852

On the left, Addison in September, oblivious at 6 weeks; on the right, yesterday, alert and very aware at 5 months.  There were several takes for each shoot, of course; in September it was very relaxed and mostly about getting a good shot of me; yesterday it was all I could do to hold him still enough to get a shot while keeping him from grabbing the camera strap and before he was distracted by something out the window (that's *my* excuse and I'm stickin' to it).  Hasn't he grown?!  Not only did the camera strap catch his eye, he also fell in love with the Hundertwasser Argosy Scarf!


Katie joined us and we went to Off The Beaten Path yarn shop.  She wasn't holding out much hope that she'd find more of the clearance yarn she'd purchased there a couple of months ago, but lo and behold, they still had some!  Based on all the yarn that Mack wanted to take home, it's clear that his favorite color is orange.  Addison was a good little yarn shopper -- in fact, the woolies put him to sleep.  We had lunch at Crema Cafe afterwards -- YUM -- during which Addison slept and Mack had a great time preparing food for us at the play kitchen.  The kitchen was equipped with the most wonderful "food" -- fruits, veggies, bread and cheese -- with velcro so that they could be "chopped" and assembled and the lettuce and tomato wouldn't fall out of your cheeseburger on a sesame seed bun.

Even though my sister has left the carseat-equipped van for me to use every time I've looked after the boy(s), this is the first time I actually made it out of the house!  It went so very well.  I haven't completely lost my pack-the-kids-and-go touch.  Perhaps next time we'll venture a little further from home -- like to Verona and The Sow's Ear.

The best indication of how the day went, from one who matters most, was when my BIL walked in the door yesterday afternoon, just as I was snapping pics of the boys together on the lambskin.  Mack said, "No, Dad!  Go back to work!  I don't want Vicki to leave!"

* * * * * *

Just as that day in September, I stopped on the way down to Madison and had a nice visit in Beaver Dam with Kathy.  She was working on a sweater 'til she messed up a little (talking not concentrating on knitting) and pulled out a sock.  Oh, what a heavenly sock she was knitting!!  I was working on the sleeves of Oblique 'til I messed up a little, too (talking not concentrating on knitting), and, unfortunately, I did not have a simpler project to pull out of my bag!  I ripped the offending lace section down a few rows and fixed it last night, so I'm back on track.  Woohoo.



The change between a nearly new born and a 5 month old is amazing to behold. Sounds like your day was a blast!


Sounds like you had the best day, I love visiting my nephews too :)


You're a wonderful auntie! I love the photo of the two boys together on the sheepskin.


Happy Birthday to sweet Daniel!

Those nephews of yours are beautiful.


I miss my own kids. Today's Max's birthday. Crazy how old they get and how fast.

Glad you had such a great time! They are both too cute!


Your new look here is awesome, Vicki! The boys are simply adorable.


Oh my god they are too cute Vicki...and they both have quite a devilish look in their eyes! Looks like you had quite a fun day. Clearly Addison already has some good yarn taste...hmmm maybe you will have to nurture a future male knitter!


I love that last picture of the two boys! how cute!!


That is the most -- Perfect! -- photo of the boys! A good time was had by all, by the sounds of it. Fun!


What sweet, sweet kids!!! they couldn't be cuter! I thought you might like to know that the Madison Knitters' Guild is sponsoring a Knit In on March 8, with Lily Chin as the featured speaker!!! There will be classes and 20 vendors! Check www.madisonknittersguild.org for the details--click on the links for the March 8 on the calendar. Hope to see you there. Should be a great time.


They are totally adorable!!!


The boys are looking so grown up and cute too.


Sounds like a wonderful day.

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