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More gridiron bakery (or the effects of football on my thighs)

Since my annhilation of the New York Turnovers seems to have backfired, I had to console myself with half of a Green Bay Packers Long John (green & gold sprinkles, of course) after we lost the big game last night.  As I picked up wayward sprinkles, wiping away tears and frosting, I remembered what a fun and wonderful season it was -- 14-4 overall.  Who'd have thunk it?  No one could have -- or would have -- predicted, back in August, that we'd even have a chance of playing in a championship game.  It stings, and I'll be in mourning for a while, but we did have a very good season.  My first thought when I woke up the kitties woke me up this morning was how the game might have been different if the windchill had been only -10F rather than -24F.  Heh.  I'm not blaming the weather for our loss, but it was brutal and definitely a factor and we didn't handle it as well.  Maybe next year.  I hope Favre plays one more -- his young team became well seasoned as of yesterday.

Aracaunia Lanternmoon Yarnbook

On the left, contest winnings from Friender Jen arrived last week:  mooshy, squooshy, purple-bluey Araucania Ranco Multi.  It's gorgeous!  Thank you, Jen.

In the middle, my first Lantern Moon knitting needles which I snagged from a sale bin.  I bought some once for a secret pal and have always wanted some for myself.  They're so pretty.  It pleases me just to look at them.

There was a recent happy pairing of discounts and coupons which led to an offer I could not refuse on Clara Parkes' The Knitter's Book of Yarn.  It is one of those rare knitting books that makes it up the stairs and into the bedroom to mingle with the "serious" reading material on my nightstand.

In Oblique news:  I am fewer than a dozen rows from finishing the sleeves!  If I hadn't been beside myself at the edge of my seat last night, I might have finished.  Alas, I think I'm going to be just a wee bit short of yarn.  I'm pondering whether I should buy another hank or try to bury a little bit of black in the button band and/or collar.

Alibaby3 Alibaby2 Alibaby1

Yes, she's grown, doesn't wear pigtails, and doesn't do her work sprawled across the big work table any more.  Yesterday, Ali started this portrait of a friend's son from a photograph.



She is just shockingly good. Does she accept commissions yet?


Hmmm...had I known that football involved baked goods I might have been more interested in the sport!


What a nailbiter!! Honestly? Favre did NOT look like he wanted to be there. He looked absolutely MISERABLE. And Manning looked so, I don't know, YOUNG.

I hope you'll be on our side for the SB!


I echo what Kath said. Holy crap, if I knew baked goods were involved.....

Well, maybe it's just as well, then. :)


So, being a Pats fan, of course I watched that game first. And I felt sorry for the Chargers because it was obviously cold... and then the Green Bay game came on! Holy crap!

Sorry your team lost--but maybe join me in some wishing for a NY-trouncing in a couple of weeks? :)


So sad to see them loose like that. And especially to someone half his age!

Teresa C

I was so sad too. I really didn't want the Giants to win and was looking forward to our bet. So sad.

Heh, I just bought that book last week with a similar combination of discounts and coupons. I think I got it for $18.

Ali is lovely. The portrait looks good, but not knowing what the subject looks like it could be crap. ;) If he really is that cute, the eyes are wonderful!


We're mourning down here, too. But I want to mention Ali's drawing. Ho-ly. Does she do work for hire? seriously. That's a gorgeous one in the works there and I would not mind having one of my fave photograph of my kids.

Rebecca LaRose

I LOVE the Book of Yarn. I don't feel like such a newbie now that I understand more about fibers. Who knew you could make yarn out of possum fur?

Hopefully it will help you forget last night. I'm still hoarse from all the screaming.


That was a fun game! Sad for the Packer's fans, but they played a good game. I just noticed... that photo of the girls when they were little... is that a sketch of you on the wall?


Ali is seriously good! Sending my condolences. I'd be rooting for NE in the SB, if I cared.;-)


What a disappointment yesterday's game was. It ended a fantastic season, though, and I'm happy they played so well overall this year.

Ali's picture is lovely! I liked seeing the ones you posted the other day, too - I wish drawing and painting were in my talents, but I think I like what I do pretty well.


Well, we drove up from Kentucky and I WORE the undefeated game knit Christmas sweater. I should have taken it off (except it was cold and we were wedged in there like sardines with everyone and their clothes) and found something to pick at. This worked for the Seattle game - turned things right around ;-). Sigh. It was a magical season.

The artwork is incredible.


Vicki, you HAD a season. Both of our teams were big, big disapppointments this year. You guys had a season to be proud of. And I was on the edge of my seat for the last fifteen minutes of that heartbreaking game.


We were pulling for GB all the way (even hoping for a little snow and yelling "Shank" every time the Giants kicker stepped up). Next year might be better . . . what hoot to have Brett in the SB at 39. That would be awesome!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut

Nice artwork. And beautiful girls. I love the red hair!

I have a son that followed me with the love of "crafts" and "art". And my daughter got my love for "landscaping", but I'm still hoping for a few knitters out of my grandchildren. ;-)


Ali is amazing!


Your daughter is amazingly talented!

Sorry about the outcome of the Packers game. I had a friend that went to a lot of trouble to get to the game and had a rough time with the loss too. But it really was a great season...

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