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Lotions and creams*

As one might imagine, when the temperature dances around between 0F degrees and minus-who-cares-(it's-COLD) on a fierce wind, the chill goes to the bone and also takes a toll on the skin.  Chapped lips, windburned cheeks, flaky skin, cracked fingertips are all pretty common ailments in these parts when the weather turns brutal.

Dsc01834_2  Dsc01835

This winter, I've been using Gloves In A Bottle and Yes To Carrots.  The Gloves In A Bottle was sent as a sample, and the Yes To Carrots was among the items in a Christmas gift basket.  These both sit near my kitchen sink -- along with a few other tubes that DH or the kids use -- and are the ones I use most.  They're quite different, Gloves being a lightweight lotion and Carrots definitely more of a cream; a very small amount is all that's required of either.  I forgot the first few times I used either of these and no kidding about the elbows; I was slathering the excess on every exposed part of my body!

The best thing about both of these is that they're effective yet very light, absorbing quickly -- almost disappearing -- into the skin and not leaving a greasy feeling at all.  That's my number one requirement in a hand lotion.  When I'm finished cleaning up the kitchen, the next thing on my list is usually knitting, and I sure don't want to be greasing up my yarn as a side effect of using a heavy hand lotion!  I go for Gloves and Carrots in equal measure -- sometimes I'm in the mood for very thin and light, sometimes for a bit more creamy.  It just depends.

Dsc01837My other happy surprise this winter is Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream.  I was sent a very tiny, teensy-weensy sample of this along with a brochure and testimonial about a difference after only four days' use blah blah... yeah, right.

Well, YEAH!  I don't even use this stuff twice a day as directed, and I've seen a change.  I'm not even wanting miracles, you know...  I'm 49 years old and wear my gray hair with a little bit of pride; 25+ years of smoking will have done some damage, but perhaps I've offset that some by not worshipping the sun much.  There's no expectation of miracles in a bottle or jar over here.  I'll tell you, though, my skin definitely feels more firm and smooth; of course, I still have wrinkles, but they just seem a little softer.  I love the texture of this stuff, and the smell.

With all of these potions, the most important point is to make the application right after washing, when the skin is still moist.  In the past couple of years, I've been in the habit of applying a thin layer of aloe gel on my face, which I continue to do, followed by the Olay and sometimes Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Lotion, the tube of which has lasted for quite a long while (I don't use it EVERY day)... because I have large pores.  I actually wanted the T-Zone Shine Control variety the day I went to the Clinique counter (the name says it all!), but they were out of stock.  Though not as "active" as it once was, I still definitely have a T-zone.

* * * * * *

Painting progresses!  There isn't much left to do in the upstairs kitchen.  Ali has her sights set on the playroom, where she's carved out that bit of studio space, but that project is complicated by a patch of peeling plaster that will first need repair.  Instead, while at Home Depot to pick up an extra quart of kitchen paint last night and after reaching an impasse over playroom color/technique/process/timeline, we chose new color chips to comtemplate for the downstairs bathroom -- where I've been reluctant these many years to paint over the stencil!  Yikes.  It would be quite a drastic change, from flowery pink-ish to a very new and different theme that we've even already given a sticks-in-your-head name: Innocent Squirrel Eating Walnuts. The trim color is an off-white called Innocence, the wall a medium gray called Squirrel, and the floor would be painted or stained a Dark Walnut.  It's very fitting since I have a black walnut tree in the back yard, the fruit of which many a squirrel has eaten (or buried in my garden).

* * * * * *

*Though participation has been dwindling recently for a variety of reasons, DH has, for many years, been absent many a spring-summer-fall weekend hawking wares at an art fair.  It's a lot of work and a big expense just to get to one of those things -- jury fees, entry fees, travel expenses, lodging and meals, set up, tear down -- not to mention needing a good body of framed, saleable work to hang on the walls under the Oceans and Dreams "big top" and a big (gas hog) vehicle in which to carry it all.  With the economy... blah blah more blah... you know.. it just hasn't been that good.  Anyway, I always joked that with just a little bit of paint we could easily go in a different direction, changing the name on the tent canopy from Oceans and Dreams to Lotions and Creams.  Heh.



No matter what...we'll always buy lotions and creams, eh? Between you and Kim, with the helpful tips on skin care, I might make it through the winter with soft skin!


I've gotten pretty good about using some Body Shoppe stuff on my heels every night before bed - no more cracked heels for me! As for hand lotion, I have some in the kitchen made by Stonewall Kitchen and it's parsley and lemon. I love the way it smells!
I've been thinking about painting my bathroom, too, and it's painting over the stencil that's been holding me back. But I'm thinking it's time for a change.

Beth S.

I hear you on the dry skin! Oddly enough it's my legs that are in the worst shape, not my hands. I guess it's because my hands are safe inside my mittens, but the cold wind goes right through my trousers while I'm walking to the train...

I like good old Jergens, or Vaseline intensive care. Can't beat the classics. :-)


I've been considering changing my name to cursinggator, the skin is bad this year.


What a fun post! I do dig the lotions and creams also, but Sandy and I (and now my Abigail and her Ryan...the list keeps growing) NEED to get you to try Philosophy Hope In A Jar. NEED. I am a minimalist about these things, and I have been blessed with good skin, but they have a kit called "Makeup Optional," and I never would have believed it, but it truly IS makeup optional. My skin is so good now that I don't need foundation. You must try it!!!


Now I've been wondering about that Olay regenerist... I may have to get some. Generally their stuff isn't enough for my dry as dust self. 18 and at the beauty counter at Jordan Marsh with a friend. Counter person says to friend 'ohmygosh, you have such peaches and cream complexion' and I, wickedly, am thinking, yeah but what about that forehead full of zits. She does me, what does she say, to compliment the totally puzzled look on her face? 'oh, you're sucking up everything I put on your skin'... she was giving me the moisturizer for mature skin. So, you can imagine that at 46 it's not so much better!


I got that little Olay sample too but I have rosacea (which I just spelled wrong) and am terrified of what I put on my face. It is very sensitive. My sisters salon sold her some capillary inhibitor for me and I apply that twice a day and that is it! No soap or anything goes on my face. It's still kind of dry but I have just had so many horrible experiences with creams and lotions.

kathy b

Thanks. MUCH needed. Im going to try the Carrots now. Ive eyed the product before. I learned something from a dermatologist the other day. As nurses we wash our hands raw. She says never to try with a paper towel. They are too abrasive. She says to use a cloth diaper (we work in the icu nursery). Just pat them dry. Im giving the diapers a try!


Try OOO (hey, that's funny) serum and microderm kit from the Regenerist line too. Awesome stuff without breaking the bank.


I completely understand about the show circuit. For years, I traveled all over the NorthEast, selling dolls. And packing up, and paying booth fees, and being juried, and PRAYING the sales would be good enough to cover it all, plus my gas money to get home! So, the slippery slidey stuff? I think once you find something that works, you gotta stick with it. For me, it's been Mary Kay skin care for years, especially the Microdermabrasion. and for the bod? Philosophy products. Ive never felt more "soft and supple!"

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