Today: Friday (hallelujah!)
Frackin' fog

In a fog

Literally.  I think the entire state has been blanketed in fog for the past 24 hours -- and counting.  I had to drive yesterday, but took the long/slow way -- I narrowly missed a deer (the fog confuses them) and was stupefied by the number of people driving without illuminated headlights.  It's the long/slow route to work today, too.  Schools are on a two-hour delay.  Thunderstorms predicted for this January afternoon.

I did some knitting and some ripping over the weekend, exclusive of each other.  I'm about to begin waist increases on the Oblique fronts.  I'm getting a bit bored, but the neckline decreases will be "at the same time" as the aforementioned increases... gripping (hopefully, not ripping).

Smoking_jacket Smoking_remains

My sister -- Hi Sharon (she's been reading here recently) -- gave me the remains of her stash a couple of months ago, including the start of a "smoking jacket" in Rowan Magpie and Chunky Chenille.  Pretty, isn't it?  It's probably been 10 years since she started and I think it nearly drove her insane -- it was a very large overall pattern with no repeats, so every row was different.  I did not wish to continue this project, and a normal person would probably have taken the loss and thrown away "the start" -- especially given the zillion ends left hanging on the wrong side -- but my salvage self took up the challenge.  It wasn't too bad.  Plus it's Rowan... vintage Rowan.  I don't know what I'll do with it all -- 6+ hanks of Magpie, 4+ of Chenille -- but I'll be ready when inspiration strikes.

abc along

Did you see the wonderful new ABC-Along button made by the one and only Alarming Female?  Roll call is now over 100 names and several postings of Letter A have been sighted.

Just a note about joining:  If you already have a Flickr account, the quickest and easiest way is to sign in, go to the ABC-Along 2008 page, and send a request to join from there; if you don't have a Flickr account, I need your email address to send an invitation.  You really don't even have to join Flickr or Ravelry to participate -- because I'm easy like that, y'know, it's pretty loose around here.  The blogroll of participants in the previous post is continually (though not instantaneously) updated as people join -- if you've joined up and your blog isn't listed there, let me know.


Kathy W

I couldn't believe the people out there without headlights. I flashed my lights a couple of times but they just ignored me. One woman was too busy talking on her cell phone to even notice there was fog.

I heard there was a massive pile-up in Madison with 5 deaths.

It was scary out there yesterday.


Magpie? Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm glad you made it through the fog all right! I think it can be worse than snow for driving - yuck.

I do have to say though, headlights are tricky in fog. While they do allow other cars to see you more quickly, the light from your own headlights reflects back from the fog significantly reducing your own visibility. Doesn't explain the cell phone madness, but some people choose no headlights as the lesser of two evils.


Foggy up north, too. And our deer were confused as well; last night we passed a doe and her fawn standing on the edge of the road and they [gasp!] ran into the trees on that same side of the road! I'm not sure I've ever encountered a deer that was pretty sure that true sanctuary/all the good stuff was on the side of the road opposite from where she/it/they were standing.


Wow, those really look like old school smoking jacket colors. But it sorta makes me think of upholstery fabric, especially with the chenille texture in there.


I love the new banner - so bright and colorful. It's sure to clear away the fog that's still here today BTW!


ooh I LOVE that ABC button. Good for YOU for salvaging the Magpie. Wow!

Has the fog lifted yet?


Our weather has been awful too, both in Scotland and in France, our flight back at the weekend was the scariest I have ever been on.
I hope your fog clears soon, drive carefully.
I love your new banner.

Alarming Female

I'm glad you like the button; I made another one and posted it to the group. Can you tell I'm just learning how to play with PhotoShop? Heh.


So now I need to finally figure out how to successfully get a button onto my blog.

I planned an 'A' photo today and then forgot to take it. Drat.

Wool Winder

I joined the ABC-Along on Flickr (as Wool Winder) and my name is there, but not on your blogroll. I blog at
Looking forward to this year long challenge.


Hey Vicki,

I'd love to join in!



I joined the ABC-Along on Flickr and my name isn't on the blogroll.

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