Saturday morning, 10 below
A is for...



That's just wrong.


Priceless . . . and funny. It took me a split second to register the connection, but then again, it's Saturday.


Good thing you brought your camera to the grocery store! GOOD blogger!

That's truly hilarious.


Wait, I suppose you really could have bought them -- so as to eat them tomorrow for good luck. They do look tasty.

Enjoy the fumbles.
(And with the temperature the way it will be, I do indeed foresee fumbles from frozen fingers!)


Die-hard Cowboy fan (still in pain) rooting for Packers!

Go cheeseheads!!!


Bwahahaha! That is fantastic! Whoever came up with that, I love them.


ha. that is funny.


Now that is creative baker! Go PACK!!!!!


Did you find those locally Vicki?
See that is one of the things I miss about living in Wisconsin. The seriousness by which (most) all residents take the Packers.

I'll be watching tomorrow.. a cheesehead stuck in a sea of Giants fans.


Have been lurking and reading you for a couple of years now. Love your stuff and your WI references. I am orginally from madison and now live in the Chicago area. Try being a GB Packer fan down here! Anyway, your daughters plight with apartment neighbors in the Madison area rings so true. As a college student I dealt with that one year too many, actually put my foot through the wall kicking it so many times to get the neighbors to turn down their music! Tell her to hang in there. Madison is awesome and there are some great apts. Glad it looks like it is being taken care of.


Way cute!
The game just ended and I am crushed. Although I am a Patriots fan, I really really wanted them to play the Packers in the Super Bowl, and (whispering, so my husband doesn't hear) I wanted the Packers to win.

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