In a fog

Frackin' fog

...and RAIN!  It continues.  It was amazing at times yesterday -- the thunder, the lightning, the pouring rain.  It seemed a lot more like "April Showers" than "January Thaw."  There were even tornadoes in the southern part of the state.

I've been mighty distracted and a little distraught over daily doings.  I don't have a lot of control, so try not to worry.  Knitting is a bit of a refuge in the evening and I've made some progress, but I am committing the cardinal sin and haven't a single picture to post.  It's a very busy week.  Why does everything happen all at once?  I attended my first-Monday-of-the-month meeting last night.  Tonight is knitting group -- and with the Tuesday holidays, and our "dinner meeting" the week before, it's been AGES since we've actually knit together!  Tomorrow night is book club and, once again, I have not read the book; I haven't even tried (I wonder what it's called).  Thursday is the start of a new semester -- only one class this time.  By then it's TGIF and weekend anticipation.

I'm hoping to catch up on a few bloggy details tomorrow.  The 2007 FO album has been woefully neglected, for one thing.  I changed my banner a couple of days ago and stripped down the sidebars, maybe a few more changes in the wings.



I hear you - even through the fog. Is it only Tuesday?


The banner looks great! Lots of favorites.

I hope you get a break soon - we need to chat! I miss you!!!!! LOVE!


Hasn't the weather just been a trip up here lately? I hear you about not getting things done. I'm not sure what I've done instead, but update my FO galleries hasn't been it, that's for sure. We'll just have to keep plugging along and call it good!

The banner looks really great! Good luck with the ABC-along!


Oh, lovely banner! I see N for Nightgown, the buttons I loved on that Fib sweater, and did you sneak Mack in there?

Our fog has lifted, but the rain continues.

Sounds like a busy, busy week! Always seems that once the holidays are over, I get overwhelmed with playing catch-up too.


Love the new banner. I loved that nightgown photo the first time around and it's nice seeing it there.
I hope that your weather and general gloom clear up soon.


The banner shall I say this?...FANTASTIC! Sorry about the fog, and the tomuchtodo. I'm feeling it here, too. And I still have to settle on what "A" is for.


I love your new banner- it's much brighter and seems more VICKI. Hope taking only one class this semester makes your load much lighter.


I really like your new blog banner, Vicki! I hope you are able to get some time to catch a breath soon!


Oooh, I love your new banner! Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) I'd like to do something with my design, too...


I love the banner. We have the meltdown, rain and fog here too. No coat today!
Just breathe, darlin'. This too shall pass.


I started one class today (Great Military Philosophers), and I start another one (Insurgency and the Peasantry) the first week of February. What are you taking this time around? Good luck with it!


I like the new banner - and I'm with you on this crazy weather. We never did get any rain, but the fog hung for so long I started to question the actual existence of the sun. If I don't see it shining in the sky soon I will declare the end of the world.

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