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Dsc01832I'm as easily distracted from blogkeeping, it seems, as I am from housekeeping.  I've managed to categorize a few recent posts for the ABC-Along and I made a new ABC-Along 2008 Page for all of the basic info and the blogroll.  The Category Cloud will usually reside in the left-hand sidebar, the link for the ABC-Along page (click on the button) at the top of the right-hand sidebar.  There is still much more I'd like I need to do around here, but Mom called and something about lunch and, I'll admit it, I can't resist an invitation to lunch.

The weather has turned a corner!  Sunshine!  Shadows!!  Crocus!!  At this time of year, I am often drawn into the floral department at the grocery store.  It's not even something I think about, I just find myself navigating my cart through the jungle.  Sometimes walking through is enough, but sometimes I have to bring home a bouquet.  Last week, they had these little pots of crocus for $2.99.  They looked so healthy and green, I just couldn't resist bringing one home.  This is making me very happy right now.

Dsc01828 Dsc01830

Here's my downtstairs bathroom stencil, Ann.  (Why, yes, I may have exaggerated a bit... it looks like only five colors -- sure seemed like 8 or 9!).  Did I do this 10 years ago?  Fifteen?  You can see from the photo at right that I wasn't yet ready to give it up when the bathroom was last repainted -- I insisted that there be a "border" to preserve my hard work.  I think I am ready now.  The hooked woolen rug that matches perfectly is almost completely worn out; all the trim needs repainting, the floor; there is some spotty repair due to moisture necessary on the walls; the curtains look old and faded... they are old and faded.  I've given the signal that I'm ready for repainting, redecorating, redoing.  Ditto the living room.  I still like the colors, but I'm tired of them and I'm ready to lighten up.  We'll be planning and gearing up for some painting in spring!



I did a stencil job in my old house that took a whole lot of colors and I never was ready to have it painted over. Either that or I didn't live there long enough!


I'm with Carole - I doubt very much that I'd ever want to cover that stencil up - it's lovely. I did a whole bunch of that when I lived back east in Ct... such fun.
Crocus - sooo pretty. and must go get me some too. It's done nothin' but rain here for weeks. they are so cheerful.


Maybe we should all come visit when it's done?


Well, dear fellow scorp.. have you read your horoscope? I ask because I mentioned to the husband yesterday that I had an urge to paint the dining room. I've been putting it off for two years now and its a 1980s eyesore (oh that wallpaper!) Husband asked if I had read our horoscope (we're both scorps) because it specifically mentioned suddenly deciding to upgrade the house someway, most notable.. starting a painting project.

Anyway... Not sure what color I'll go with yet. I need to make a trip to the Sherwin Williams shop and get some samples. I'm thinking either a dull medium red (barn red? cranberry?) or a nice darker sage green.


Oh, I'm loving the new look around here. And Oh how I've been ready for a complete redo of my house, for at least a couple years now. It's only the thought of actually DOING it (and going and choosing stuff...oh, and then there is the MONEY) that keeps me from actually doing it. But maybe soon. :)


Nice redesign and mobile friendly! Very cool. I love the crocus. The sun today was wonderful and much needed...too bad it won't stick around.


Isn't it wonderful that we can buy a little bit of happiness for $2.99 at the grocery store at this time of year? right when we need it!


that is a lovely stencil! I struck out at AC Moore yesterday so I do believe I will be ordering something from this site

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