Obliquity on "Oblique"


Heh, redecorating the blog is cheaper than redecorating the house.  No dropcloths are required; there are no paint fumes, no sawdust, no pushing around of heavy furniture.  I've never done such a drastic re-do!  It's almost like a brand new house.  I've also done some paring down of the sidebar items; if there's something you're looking for, you'll likely find it on the Blog Links page.

It's like an open house!  Have a glass of virtual punch with your cookies and take a look around.  ; )



I love it! Very clean and inviting. I put a little vodka in my punch - tee hee!!!!

Steph VW

I like it - it's very nice. Or, as we say in these parts, it's "right some good".


Very nice. I especially like the new font and white background on the entries. CONGRATULATIONS!


YAY! I love it!


It looks great around here! I like all the changes!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut

I like the arrangement. Happy blogging!!


It looks terrific! Can I have a martini instead of punch?

Kathy W

I love what you've done with the place. It's like opening the window and letting the spring air in.


I like it very much as well, and it takes less time to load -- bonus! Great job!


Vickie do you have any idea where I can get that pattern booklet that Oddfellow is in? I love your little beans and really want one myself.

Teresa C

It is looking good around here! I wanna change my look, I was just thinking about it the other day when I was updating my sidebar, how boring my blog is. Bad enough the posts are a snooze, you may as well have something to look at while you are there. :)


Wow - I thought I had come to the wrong house. LOVE the new look. I loved the old look, too. Congrats on the renovation.


The blog looks very nice! I need to re-do mine too. It's looked the same forever. Ho-hum.


Love this new design! yah for you!


You've been a busy lady. I love the new look!


Love the new look but a margarita would work so much better than punch for me.


It looks lovely; very clean and tidy . . . just the way I like them. I'll be honest, and say that some blogs are too cluttered for me to read. Sounds shallow, I know, but reading something with color changes and wacky fonts on safety orange background is hard on the eyes. This looks so purty.


Looks smashing!


Such a fresh, clean look, Vicki! I need to do some serious blog updating too, but I'm still busy pushing things around the house. ;-)


The re-do is fabulous. I love the new banner. Being blogless, your new look makes me green with envy. Loved the cookies.


Does look very nice - simpler and classic. Much easier to look through the side bar stuff.

Thank goodness I haven't had my blog long enough to even have finished my first set up, much less rearranging. I have enough real house stuff going on right now.


I just love what you've done with your place! It looks great!


Looks great.


I like what you've done with the place. Nice and bright!

Beth S.

I like your new look! The double sidebar is very attractive.


Fresh look for a new year, very nice!
Still not on the AbC list but you've been busy redecorating.


Love the new digs! Looks great!


OK, I'll have just one cookie with my punch, 'cause I put on about 5 pounds over the holiday season.

Hey! I liked the old decor, but the new place looks great. (Is it OK if I use an emoticon around here? Grumble. Grumble.)

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