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A is for art; the artist I married and the three artists I gave birth to, the supplies they use to create, and all the art they have created, are creating, and will continue to create.  A is for the awareness -- my increased awareness -- of the world around me because of the artist I married and those three artists I birthed.

I have learned and admired much, I've been inspired, and I've struggled a bit, too.  I guess I wouldn't change too much, although I would like to wave my magic wand and declare art an undeniable essential to the well-being of all; a non-discretionary living expense not subject to line-item veto on the budget.

Dsc01943 The girls have been creating ever since they could hold implements.  That's Ali and Katie... I'm going to guess ages 3 and 5.  They're sprawled over and on a big work table in the studio, busy with paper, pencils and markers.  We have reams and reams of paper from all three girls, on which their early periods are well represented:  the scribbles-on-paper period, the amoeba-people period, the big-head period, the full-body tracings period.  It's been (and continues to be) an amazing journey, seeing their take on the world, the perception, whimsy, fantasy.

They've even inspired their dad.  That's an extreme close-up of a painting he did many years ago called Porch With Kid Drawings.  Those are actual drawings by our actual kids.  I think the one at lower left depicts a turkey.

When they learned to write, they began illustrating their stories -- wonderful stories about three "witchs" at Halloween (Katie, Ali and their cousin), princesses, families, going to the store.  I'd better watch it as this could easily morph into "A is for Author."  (And again with the reams and reams of paper.)

The avocation of many, vocation of some, art is in their DNA; it's their past, present, and future.  An incredible, creative lineage that includes painters, wood-carvers and -turners, ceramicists, and a glass-blower -- not to mention the sewing, quilting, embroidery, tatting, rug-hooking, knitting and crocheting.  One of their great great great great grandfathers listed "basket-maker and musician" as his occupation when he came to this country from Germany.

Dsc01941_2 Dsc01946 Dsc01842

Madeleine just finished the stippled piece on the left; that's only a quarter of one of Ali's pieces in the middle; and Katie's high school freshman self-portrait.  The thumbnails are deceiving -- Maddy's work is about 4x8 inches, while Katie's is more like 2x4 feet, as is the whole of Ali's.

Dsc01844 Dsc01843

Detail of Katie's self-portrait.  I always think Renaissance, Da Vinci, Madonna when I look at this piece, and especially the eyes.

Dsc01847 Dsc01944

A hilarious cartoon that Maddy did when she was about 8, and Ali x 4.

Dsc01937 Dsc01848 Dsc01939



A is also for awe. I am in awe of your beautiful, talented family, and I think this is my favorite A of all that I have seen.


Great "A" Vicki, thanks for sharing all the examples!


Vicki, how I love this post! Your family is a talented bunch and I include you in with the whole lot! I am over the top IN LOVE with the porch painting. It speaks volumes. Thank you for sharing it!
Happy football game!


Don't sell yourself short! You're an artist too!

Thanks for sharing your family and their great talents. (And oh my! The RED hair!)


Wow - I'm completely "B" for Blown Away by the talent! Lets give some credit to the woeman who nurtured them all and has the words please!!


This was so wonderful! Thank you for sharing the art, and artists!
(I especially love the small artists at work picture, as a mom; but all the artwork is simply stunning. Wow. Tell all the artists that their work is much admired.)


If an artist inspires and evokes a response by others via the written word and images, then Vicki, you are an artist in the truest sense of the word. You inspire me!


Wow, a lot of talent in one family! I love that shot of your little girls busy with their drawings.


How talented your family is, Vicki. Thanks for sharing their works.


Wonderful art and wonderful artists! My kid's gift is math (scary to have your 3 year old doing word problems with adding/subtracting/division/multiplication!)... but his art has always interested me. Once when he was about 2 he drew something. I asked what was it. He said a seed, a melon seed, with a house in it. The very freaky part is that around that time I was seeing a therapist, and we'd just done a visioning exercise where I had to envision a seed, and I'd seen a squash seed (which is essentially like a melon). Another day he drew the allgator I'd talked about. Funny how we're connected with our kids, huh? Now he's 12 and mom is just plain not very cool or interesting.




Woweeeeee! What a wonderful A word, and a fabulous showing for it!


what amazing artists.
and a fabulous A post.


Amazing talent in your family. The older works are surely treasures.


Wonderful art, and a sweet tribute to your family!

Mary in Boston

This is a terrific post, Vicki. I loved the pictures of the girls and of the art. Thank you for sharing them.

I do hope you're doing okay today. I watched the game and thought of you.


I Adore that photo of your girls!


What an amazingly talented family of artists - you included. Thank you for sharing the beautiful art work. Your post was really wonderful to read and a treasure of motherly wisdom and pride in your family.


It's hard to articulate adequately how special your house must be....your daughters are so talented and to have three children all so artistically gifted is really quite something. Your house must have some seriously good energy....


Wow, what talented, talented daughters!!

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