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17 December 2007

Sweets for the sweet


Brigadeiro!  For some reason, when I say it or think it, it's with emphasis.  I used this recipe.  Because I read many of the comments and tips, I substituted Ghirardelli Chocolate Mocha cocoa mix for the unsweetened cocoa.  I rolled half of the candies in chocolate sprinkles, and the other half in more of the cocoa mix.  The mixture could have been just a little bit thicker, but it's pretty darn good.  Both the process and the end product are reminiscent of truffles, though Brigadeiro(!) is much sweeter and more like a Tootsie Roll.

Tonight is the last meeting of my "global" class and, whilst we finish up the work, we will share in an international potluck.  Brigadeiro(!) is a popular candy in Brazil, which is one of the countries that I studied more thoroughly in class.  I'm going to make some more for Christmas.  My youngest sister spent her junior year in high school as an exchange student in Sao Paulo -- and I wonder if she'll remember these.

I have finished the knitting of the Handknit Holidays Log Cabin Socks variation for suede soles!  I've given them a soak and pinned them out to dry.  While I was at it, I soaked and pinned out Mack's Shark Mitts, too.  This week will see some sewing up and finishing!  Last night, I worked on Tudora and have just begun decreases.  w00t!


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You made the candies! My the look great!! Wish I was closer to get a real taste.

Don't those look fabulous!

Oh yum! With a good hot cup of coffee.....

Yummy! Wish I had some more time this week- I'd make some! They look wonderful!

Ooooo those look good.

Oh yum yum yum!! They look so good. I only have a few weeks to go before I give birth and all of sudden I am craving chocolate! I didn't eat any during the whole pregnancy, but now it's like I need it.

Heh. We ended our posts with the same little quote. Love it. And the chocolate. Love.

Those probably won't work with margarine and soy milk, huh? Sigh.

I do believe you have just added to the baking list.

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