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Nature's (cold) white balance


I know, NaBloPoMo is over.  SoSuMe.

It's snowing.  My car has a brand new fender.  Maddy just left with money and my list (not the one that starts out "eyes") to do my grocery shopping!  I am doing almost everything under the sun to avoid my homework today.  I'm running out of stuff to do -- and the sun's no where to be seen, actually -- so pretty soon I'll have no choice.

Here's a fun diversion.  Cross-posted at the baby shower blog.  I meant to post this over there a month ago -- exactly, to the day.  SoSuMe.  ; )


Download Cara_Baby_Words.pdf



Oh, I love those puzzles. I'll go print it out now, but it'll have to wait until I get back from shopping for the last of the stuff I need for my sister's birthday party tomorrow.

If you ever want to know anything about exercise videos, let me know. Before I started blogging I was a regular on two exercise video forums for a few years, have owned literally hundreds, and I do Pilates. Plus I know the good ones for not getting overwhelmed and where to get them. Sometimes the TV just doesn't have on what you want to do.

Teresa C

A word Search! I love those. Thanks. And I totally have not checked out the Baby Shower Blog in forever. Time to take a look.


Me too, with Terry. I had forgotten to check out the baby shower blog for a long time. Slap me.

It's HARD to stop the blogging thing, eh? We've all found our "inner bloggers" as Sandy and Terry said. Yeah. Love it. :)


Oh I love work search puzzles!! Wow you have someone to do your grocery shopping for you. Do you loan her out? ;)


I've been a bad shower attendee. Man!


that's hilarious. i am so doing that word search!


You are so freaking funny! THANK YOU!

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