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Saturday Sidewalk

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Drip, drip, drip.  The snow is masting -- haha, apparently that's what it does when it's "melting" so "fast" that the words become one as I type.  It is 38F right now.  It is supposed to rain later, then the temp will fall creating a "wintry mix."  The precip will eventually turn completely to snow.  It all means shitty and dangerous holiday weekend driving.

The walking isn't easy, either.  The beautiful new metal roof over the back porch is causing some big-time problems right over (and on) our back steps.  While heat coils on the roof would probably solve the problem, I would rather find a better way.  I'm actually thinking that a temporary (only in winter) shed roof-type thing over the steps and sidewalk below might work.  When we change the screens to storms, we would also attach the roof, which would direct the run-off (or slide-off) accumulation from the roof away from the traffic area.  It could work.

Today I get my hair cut!  I actually scheduled this appointment before leaving the last time, something I haven't done in years and years.  I'm excited -- and I'd better get going, I need to be there in less than an hour!



My neighbor and I were just discussing yesterday how there is ALWAYS one spot in the rain gutters that leaks, and it is ALWAYS right over the front step, thereby creating an excitingly dangerous spot of ice right where everyone walks. Murphy's Law or some derivative thereof in action.

Catherine D.

The answer is a roof-rake! Your shingles will thank you ...


I'm so glad I rarely have to deal with snow or ice. Be safe. Keep your holidays happy.

I always schedule the next haircut before I leave the salon. It really does feel efficient and virtuous, doesn't it? Enjoy the appointment. Will there be a new 'do or just a trim?


Sounds like it could be a dangerous situation there. It would be nice to have something to direct it away from the walk.

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