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Nature's (cold) white balance

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I worked on some kid mittens for the Soaring Eagles Project over the weekend.  Knitting during our first major (messy) snowstorm of the year, the grassy green color made me happy.  There are now two, both awaiting only thumbs.  That's about all I managed with the knitting all weekend.  I spent a lot of time shoveling very wet, heavy snow on Sunday.

The Striped Noro Scarf and coordinating Mitered Mittens came out for more pictures, too, though no human models were available.  Ah, well, that's what the trellis is for.  ; )  That is one l-o-n-g scarf -- I'll have to measure it before it's wrapped.



Lovely photos - even w/out humans. Our snow - very dry and blowable. But OH.SO.PRETTY. Good snuggle and fire weekend and lucky me to have both home to do so with!


That is a long scarf and the matching mittens look so cool. It's still very pretty here today...more snow coming. YAY!


We had our fist snow but it didn't amount too much. It sure looked pretty coming down, though.


So pretty. I want snow too *waaaah* They are calling for some Tuesday and Thursday nights. I will believe it when I see it.


I know that is the worst kind of snow, but I am still envious, waiting for the first to arrive around here... looks like it could be a La Nina winter. I love the mitered scarf!


Oh, VERY cool. I LOVE the grass-green mitts!!!


Your Noro scarf is lovely. The colors are so wintery and the backdrop is perfect for it.


wow. you cranked that noro scarf out!! love those pics.


I love the knits on trellis! I really want to make a Noro scarf. I love them, especially yours!

Beth S.

Your Noro scarf is SO pretty! Really, it's stunning. Pardon me while I go 'favorite' it on Ravelry...


Great projects, and what a nice setting.


How pretty! Hope y'all are OK up there, they say it's pretty bad.


That makes the snow almost palatable...the stuff I had to take off my car this morning didn't seem nearly so nice.


Yes, I also have spent too much time shoveling snow that was too heavy to be called snow--more like shoveling billions of white snow cones. I tried using the snowblower somewhat successfully, but not rreally. Result: frozen snow blower that wouldn't start this morning. So, this afternoon I spent 2 hours thawing it with a hair dryer. Shoveled 1/4 of the drive. All ice in the snowblower now gone--snowblower still won't turn!!! Called the repair man who is coming on Dec 17!!!!! This is seriously cutting into my knitting time!!!

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