Christmas, International Style


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VotiveAs part of our knitting group's holiday party, we also had a voluntary ornament exchange.  Participants each brought a wrapped ornament and throughout the evening they were passed to the left or right on cue, which was a word or phrase.  Finally, Jean (a teacher) read us a story about the "little one" (the cue) and then she gave the book to Ann, a gift she can read to her own "little one" next year.  My ornament was from Eileen and it will definitely add some sparkle!  It seems shinier than a mirror, if that's even possible, and I love it.  It also made for some phun with photography!  Heh, that's the chandelier-of-many-lampshades over my kitchen table in focus on the left, showing some of its bling, and also a new view of my wonderful beadboard ceiling.  I also won the ruby votive door prize.  Fun was had by all.  That Ann sure knows how to throw a party!

I had a good time with the ladies of the (book) club last night at the English pub.  I had a chocolate martini (of unknown heritage), followed by a couple of Chicago beers, and then we all sipped and shared a Beefeater martini -- a mistake the bartender made -- and whoa!  I used to drink a little gin back in the day (gin & sour w/a twist), so I didn't find it as offensive as some everyone else.  You could put one of those under the Christmas tree for a pine scent, though!

I unpinned the shark mitts and the slipper sock tops from the blocking board yesterday.  Did I mention a finished Tudora?  I need to find a button, but the knitting was finished on Sunday.  That's the last time there was any knitting done around here!  While I have nearly all of Christmas and year-end stuff taken care of as far as shopping and pick ups and deliveries, I have done nothing with my house, the laundry pile is reaching monumental proportions, the vacuum cleaner is looking forlorn, and there are some projects that need finishing.  I think I shall forego tonight's last tango (of the year) and stay home for a change -- I've been such a party animal this week!



That's the trouble with the holidays, too many parties! But it looks like you're having fun, fun, fun. Enjoy!


Sounds like you've been having a grand time making merry.


i can send grace over for the laundry


What a wonderful ornament. Sounds like you have been having some fun get togethers.


Guess you got your Xmas spirit back! I've missed you!!!

kathy b

I'll say you have been a party animal! Wow. Sounds like it was all good fun. Thanks for the honesty.....Im looking at a lot of laundry myself. Have a wonderful Christmas. See you in the posts.

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