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Good bye, Dan.  Thank you.

Twin Sons of Different Mothers is one of my favorite albums of all time.  I remember reading a record review in the day that described it as a "go to" record -- or however it might have been put in 1978 (I don't really remember).  The gist of it was that it should be kept handy because it was an album you could play when you just didn't know what you really wanted to hear -- and it was always the perfect choice.  Almost 30 years later, I still know all the words to those songs; I tap my toes, drum the steering wheel with my thumbs, and cry.  I had a best friend at the time -- heh, after more than 30 years she's still my best friend -- and people used to mistake us for sisters all the time.  Heh, they still do that, too.  It was funny because she really did have a sister named Vicky.  We always laughed that we were Twin Daughters of Different Mothers.



I just saw this on the news and I'm sad. His music was a big part of my college years and I still love to listen to him. It brings me right back.


OMG, I didn't hear this yet. There isn't a song I could listen to that bring back some of my fondest memories.

Teresa C

I know it, I love Dan Fogelberg. And he was so young. Sad.


I didn't know and I'm sorry you'll miss him. Me? Eh, not my kinda sound. Poor Dan.

kathy b

We are sad about this news too. My husband has been following his illness for awhile now. Dan Fogelberg was really unique.


I'm very sorry for your loss. Same Old Lang Syne is my favorite.


I'm such a music know-nothing that, although I definitely know Dan Fogelberg, and I'd recognize the music (maybe) on the radio, I wouldn't attach a name to it, nor have I ever listened to this album. I feel like I've lost out on so much musicwise in my life. I just don't seem to have much of a part of that brain. It's very analogous, I think, to recognizing faces but not names -- I know a lot of the words to songs, but mostly don't know who is singing them, and couldn't tell you later what song it was that I liked. Sad.


I cried when I heard this news this morning. It's funny the memories his music brings up for me. I know all the words by heart too....


I hadn't heard until I saw your post (out of touch the last 24 hours, I guess).
I share your feelings. "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" was the soundtrack to a certain part of my adolescence. And I'm pretty sure I have "Phoenix" in with my other LPs in the basement.
"Longer" was the theme song for one of the dances in high school -- probably was for everybody's around that time....takes me right back to slow dancing with my boyfriend at the time, who professed not to like Dan Fogelberg when around his friends, but secretly borrowed my LP to tape it.


How sad. Such a great singer. What a great memory though.


I was stunned by this today as well. Really enjoy his work, though my fav is probably The Innocent Age. May he rest in peace.


Yummy chocolates. Where has our youth gone? Weren't we going to be young forever???


Boy, I completely missed this. I graduated from college in California in '75, so I heard plenty of his music. People my age really shouldn't be dying.


His music was indeed part of the soundtrack of my younger years. I love that Twin Sons album as well.

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