Nature's (cold) white balance
Tied up with string

Ho, ho, heh

Dsc01694 Dsc01697

The holiday happiness is just not happenin' for me this year.  I'm not giving up yet, though.



Cute hats...but I'm with you. The Holidays are SO overrated any more. Make them fun...carefree, stress free and happy!


Hope your holiday mojo shows up soon!


From the looks of those super cute hats you are doing better than me. I think if my pants weren't so darn tight & I could partake of a goodie or two I would be having a whole lot more fun :)


The little hats are adorable. I hope that you get your Holiday mojo. Mine isn't up to par. Too much holiday stress.


What cute hats! Hope your holiday gets a lot brighter! :)


Huh - and this is the year I'm finally pulling it all together and feeling the fun! Just like me to be opposite of everyone else!


How could you not find those little hats cheering? They are delightful! I hope you find the mojo (or that the holiday mojo find you!).

Teresa C

Oh! I want some! I think whipping some of those up for your MoFo pals would put you in the fast lane to holiday spirit. :)

kelly jo

Love those hats!! I am completely with you on lacking the holiday spirit. I'm wanting to move back Christmas a month or so. The thought of decorating the house seems more like a chore this year!


Could it be you are overwhelmed with busy? Man, that's how I"m feeling about Christmas the last few years. I think we all need to re-assess! But, Merry Christmas anyway, Vicki!


I'm ignoring the calendar for the rest of this year. It's been a doozy.


When are finals??
As long as you don't expect too much from yourself post finals, I bet life will look up after that. (Who decided that finals would fall right before Christmas, anyway?)

Agreeing with above, cute hats. (The nine-year-old daughter just observed yesterday that anything small was cute and wondered why. No answer here, but so true.)

Thanks for telling me about Butternut!
:-) Now it's a real place and I can picture it in my head!


I don't feel the holiday happiness either but those are very cute hats.

Beth S.

Feeling grinchy? ;-) I don't suppose it has anything to do with the fact that we have been bombarded with "seasonal" advertising since the day after Halloween?... Nah, that can't be it. ;-)

kathy b

Some years are just like that. This year is not one of them for me, but last year was. Hang in there and don't pressure yourself. I find the things I enjoy most are just out there for me to enjoy. I love the hanging light bulbs on Christmas tree lots at night. One of my favotire images for some reason. I love love love the music of Christmas. Even the little candy canes at the convenient store counter make me smile. Oh, and snow pictures on the blog. Hang in there, my friend.

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