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Christmas, International Style

On Monday, it was the international buffet during the last of my "global" classes -- we had brigadeiro, Russian tea cakes, lasagna, and sushi, and dishes from Asia, Mexico and Canada.  Last night, our knitting group met at a German restaurant to celebrate the holidays.  Tonight, book club will be meeting at a new English pub/restaurant.  Tomorrow night, I could go practice the Argentine tango.

Dsc01750 Dsc01751

The important thing right now, though, is these cookies.  Ann, the force behind our knitting group, planned a wonderful get-together for us and made each of us a goodie bag.  This wonderful tower of cookies was inside, along with a couple of other Christmas goodies.  Ann has been sufferin' the morning sickness lately, so I'm amazed that she'd even think about doing all this baking.  Maria, knitter and stone carver extraordinaire, helped her with it and they did a wonderful job.  Wow.

Dsc01752 Dsc01753

These two are already gone.  The one on the right was like a little sandwich with a tiny bit of jam inside.  I think this was the old family recipe, thought long lost, that Ann said was recently rediscovered!

Dsc01754 Dsc01755

I'm thinkin' ginger on the left, and a special sort of sugar cookie on the right.

Dsc01756 Dsc01757

I remember that the last one is a snickerdoodle.  I always remember the snickerdoodles.

I'll email Ann and see if she'll come and leave a comment, when she's feeling good, to better identify these cookies.  I've got more to share about the party, but it'll have to wait.  It's my day off and there are a million things to do and, of course, I'm already running behind.



Oh, I hope she does. I'd love to know what the one that looks like it was baked in a mini muffin tin with the almond slices in it is...yummy!


Oh I so love Snickerdoodles!!


I made a bunch of cookies last weekend, and I think next year I'll follow Ann's lead. Drop cookies are the way to go!



Ann K.

The cookies are a MUST to bake each year.. even with "morning" sickness. Thank goodness for the help from Maria, DH and my Mom this year. I would still be baking!

I'll name the cookies from top to bottom...

Cherry Almond Cup
Almond Raspberry Sandwich Cookie (Very old family recipe, rediscovered in the last ten years when cleaning out a family member's home)
Molasses Cookie
Amish Sugar Cookie
Coconut Cookie
Snickerdoodle Cookie

I make the Cherry Almond Cups, Molasses and Snickerdoodles every year with others... the Almond Raspberry Sandwich and Amish Sugar are both recipes my MIL makes all the time, first year for me to make them.. and the coconut are new to me this year. Awesome recipes!

Thank you for taking such lovely pictures Vicki! I may have to borrow a few to add to my post... if I get around to blogging about the Holiday Baking event this year. :)


Ooh, those look so good. If you are going to an english restaurant does that mean you will have a mince pie? That is what I have been making all week and am hoping to eventually get a photo of some, every time I turn around they are gone!


Oh. Yummm.


I have yet to meet a Christmas cookie that I haven't liked. These look WONDERFUL!


What a CUTE idea! Amazing that she can bake/do anything with morning sickness, but I guess millions of women have done it before us/her, so what am I surprised about? :D


Yummmmmmy! What lovely pictures too!


Oh they all look so good. Sounds like a wonderful time.


thank you for sharing! these look wonderful and were just what i needed.

i've been having a tough time getting into the spirit this year (work's been crazy) but seeing all these pics has done it! i've spent the past half hour pulling together my cookie recipes so i can go out to the supermarket friday night and buy everrything i need.


Now, if I only had time to bake!


They all look so good. You are so lucky!

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