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Sorry 'bout that!  In that way that makes no one look good, I thought that everyone would catch my reference to the most recent ad campaign by AT&T Wireless.  Perhaps it isn't nationwide, perhaps not everyone watches TV.  There are a few versions; here's my favorite:

I love, love, love the dining set in mom and dad's kitchen in this commercial.  You can also have your place name emblazoned on something, if so desired.  (Clever, though I like my own better.)

Milwaukee + Escanaba + Denver + Toronto + St. Louis + Park Falls = Milescabenverontolouis Falls (pronounced Mil-escab-enver-onto-louis Falls).

; )  Hey, did I mention that I dropped the class?  I did.  It made the long weekend much more enjoyable.



I saw the AT&T ad on my way to work and THEN I knew what you were doing;-)
Good for you!



Glad you dropped the class. Life's too short to waste your time.


Oh and I guess I'm from Philanewcaucus.


Yep I have seen them. I just couldn't figure out where to divide the word. LOL

So glad that you dropped the class.


Smart move about the class. I've seen the commercial, and my answer would still be pretty much the same.

Andrea (noricum)

Congratulations on making a hard decision that makes you happier. :)


Then I'm from Philawaychan! Good for you on the class. We're old enough now to do those kinds of things!


Oh my . . . now it all makes sense! I thought, 'Wow! That sure is a hard word for kids to spell correctly in the first grade,' when I first read that. But then again, I am from Ft. Sproxborflanburg and spelling never really was my forte.


That's an Ikea set and it's only like $250 or so. I love it so so so much! Every time I see this commercial I want to run back to Ikea and get one for myself.

Good for you for dropping. I think that was a wise decision.


Now I get it. Yeah, I don't get out much (or watch much TV that isn't Jeopardy). I think I may have seen some of their billboards with that same theme, thoug.


Um, thougH.

Teresa C

Ha! I thought I got it, but then I wasn't sure. So yeah, I did get it sort of. And I love that kitchen, too. Heh.

Glad you got to relax a little. :)


I was pretty sure that's what you were referring to, also. :)


I caught onto it. I like those commercials. They make me smile. And good for you, life is too short to waste your time on things that bring you down!


I watch TV, but never live anymore and never the commercials.

I don't think I'll try blending Tucson, Wickenburg, and Tuolumne, though. And a blend of Sonora and Sedona (the two places I feel I'm from) wouldn't be very distinctive - Sedora - Sondona?


Cool commercial. I fast forward over the commercials on the DVR, but if an ad looks interesting, I'll slow down and watch it. Haven't caught this one yet.


Aplipsa Is AT&T's place for me...

My creation is Liwamewaton. :-) Sounds like Native American to me. Fits right into Wisconsin.


That huge sense of relief you felt after you dropped the class?
That's telling you, right decision!
Hmm, guess I'm from MinneLAlacrossester. Except I can't figure out how to work three years in Germany as an army brat in there.
Missed the commercial (I'm TV-illiterate) so thanks for explaining!

Amy Artisan

Definitely fun commercials. Have you seen that you can go online & create your own place w/ t-shirts & mugs? FYI - I've seen the kitchen table set at the IKEA here in Chicago.

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