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Where I'm from


It's been a while since anyone tuned in to Nick on purpose -- do they still have "Face"?  Here's a contender for the position.

Mack is not so much into having his picture taken these days.  I had to narrow the focus a bit -- and immediately show him the results -- to get any cooperation at all.

Dsc01645 Dsc01647 Dsc01648 Dsc01646

It's been a lazy Sunday -- I guess that's how the last day of 4-day weekend that pretty much went *POOF* should be.  I did manage to cross some things off the list that had been languishing -- final pass yard clean-up, haul out the long sleeves and turtlenecks, put away the short sleeves and shells, plant the tulip bulbs.

I've also been working on "where I'm from," the place(s) that shaped my life.  I'm from a place called... Milescabenverontolouis Falls.  That was through the first of three kindergartens I attended.  From "Falls" we moved to Tolumbusland Park, and in second grade to Menappleauna Springs, where I graduated from high school.

Where you from?


Teresa C

Can anybody actually pronounce those places?

That baby-looks like a little elf!


That baby face got an out-loud "awwwww!" from me before the page was even fully loaded. How precious!


Born in Tucson, lived in Wickenburg and Sedona, but only had to spell the last of those as I was there in Kindergarden and the first two weeks of first grade. Don't remember learning Arizona while I lived there.

San Mateo was pretty easy for the two years I was there. So was Sonora for a third grader to learn, along with finally being expected to spell California, but the county is Tuolumne and I don't think I got that for a couple of years. Luckily, my family is still here, and at the moment so am I.


Philly baby! All the way!

That first picture is fabulous, my friend. Nothing like some baby love! (Hey! The baby just kicked me in agreement!)


PS The photos were so obviously wonderful I didn't even bothe to comment, did I?


beauteous faces!

Philanariverhyalege Park through College.

Hyagreenlandotown - from then 'til now. :)


What am I missing about those place names?


Hmmm. I'm from Brocknorwater. How's that?


Ok, I guess I'm from Islealbristalsalonsa.


I'm wonder the same thing Teresa is! I'm from Pocateprovsaltlake


OMG! That 1st pic brought me out of lurkdom!



What a little face...

I'm from Massapequa Park


Oh, I had forgotten about Face! He was a sweetie (as are your nephews!).

Born in Duluth, Minnesota.
Raised in Allison Park, Pennsylvania (which is where the post office was/is -- the actual location of our house didn't have a name until I was in high school, at which time they started calling it "The Town of McCandless" (promoted from McCandless Township).
So . . . Dulallison McTownless?

Or is this not a game? I'm so confused!!!


Berkeley,Berserkeley, Berkeley.


Adorable pictures. James is the same way with the camera. He will pose only if he can see the camera screen after. LOL

I'm originally from Hamilton, Ohio and then moved to West Harrison, Indiana now I reside in Moores Hill, Indiana.


The kids are soooo adorable! I be from Philflaregonada


They dumped Face for a chipper moose named Moose A. Moose.

I miss face.


Let's see...I'm from KenHampshire...or LouChester.... or I like LouHampshire.
Born in KY, now live in NH... not very many moved for this gal! LOL My hubby and I love those commercials...we are always trying to figure out what they are going to say, before they say it.


Medina. Just plain Medina.

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