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Pretty in pink

Dsc01561When Sandy showed her beautiful, golden hydrangea yesterday, I was reminded of some that I cut and brought in this year.  I usually cut them much earlier, so I don't know if this gorgeous color is on account of my being so late or because our weather this fall has been so mild, or maybe it's something else altogether.

Dsc00858I pretty much expected that the early season pink (photo at right) and green would fade to brown -- perhaps a golden brown.  It's been a few weeks now and they're still beautiful.  One of the flower heads is plunked in an old bottle on a windowsill where I'd expect fading to occur very quickly.

Yesterday, we had some big snowflakes fall from the sky for a while.  Today, they are very tiny -- a real snow shower.



It's snowing like crazy here this morning. Holli keeps running outside to "play" in it which basically means look up in the sky and stare stupidly! I forgot to cut my hydgreangas this sad!


SNOW! Lucky you! I cannot wait!
Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! I just love them, year round!


What a gorgeous hydrangea!

Teresa C

Really beautiful photos in this post.


It was 65 here yesterday. If we could grow hydrangeas they'd be everywhere! I've never seen one as pink as yours.


They are so pretty. Yay for them sticking around for so long.


Great flower! Snow's coming, though.

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