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I check my stats almost every time I post.  The thing I'm most interested in is how people land on my blogs and, in particular, the search terms they used to get there.  Here's this morning's sampling, good for a couple of "atta-girls" and also a few grins:

  • "Latvian mitten patterns"
  • "St. Brigid knitting pattern"
  • "Reindeer sweaters with the light up nose"
  • "Knits and nighties"
  • "Can a person have two left feet?"

I made a good dent in the homework yesterday, working both before and after the game.  (What a Farvelous game!!)  I had to stop and print it out, though, because it's at the paper-and-a-sharp-pencil stage -- I need to actually draw arrows and scratch things out and scribble and things.

I finished Bena and she is now riding 2nd shotgun in Ali's car, learning the ropes from Oswald who's been Ali's #1 for a couple of years now -- except for that time when he was kidnapped by Ali's old boyfriend -- it was too traumatic to mention and, thankfully, it was over quickly and satisfactorily (Oswald maybe has a little smudge, a lasting reminder of that horrible time).  I was all excited about taking the photo with Oswald, Bean & Bena, but now BEAN is missing in action somewhere in Ali's bedroom!  She cleaned a little last night, but he still didn't turn up!  He's so darn little -- he could be stuck in the covers or buried in the laundry basket -- poor thing.  Ali's confident that he'll turn up, so I'm not going to get too worked up.  Think positive!!

HELP!!!  I need to ask my fellow Cheeseheads (or anyone who's traveled in the area) for a restaurant recommendation.  I'm looking for a nice (not fancy) place to have a really good dinner with my family in the area of Waupun, Mayville, Horicon, Beaver Dam, Randolph, Fox Lake (if you connected the dots, there'd be a sort of circle).



OH NO - I hope no replacement knitting will be required. I'm looking forward to a little visitor here!

Farvelous indeed!


I hope the little guy turns up soon. Did you make up the pattern or get it somewhere? I think James would love one and it would be adorable peaking out of his stocking come Christmas morning.

I so love looking at my stats too. It just amazes me the words that people use to get to my blog.


I will hold vigil for Bean.
Do your homework, missy.


Of all my tours of the state of cheese (and there have been plenty) I don't believe I've hit a one of those cities. If I have, I was not in charge of being the food finder.

I know the issues with a "cleaned" bedroom well - Bean will reappear in the most unlikely spot, of that I am sure!

Melissa V.O.

East of Beaver Dam on 33 is the Crystal Creek Dairy House for good burgers and the such...malts and shakes very good:


There's always Culvers in Waupun, but Helen's Kitchen on Main St. in Waupun is where the locals go for breakfast, also good American food.

My husband says Waupun isn't the best place for nice dining, they'd go to Beaver Damn, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac. He figures you'd know about the Appleton area Japanese steak house (if they're still open).

Teresa C

Can you take a picture of that reindeer sweater with the light up nose you made? :)


Go YOU on the homework!!!

Teresa C

Read my post on Wednesday because TAG! You're it!

Teresa C

OOOOPS! I meant Tuesday. Golly, you take one day as a holiday and the whole world goes loopy.


Don't EVER give up hope on finding Bean. My lost handknit sock reappeared last week after being MIA for a year.

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